British Chef Jamie Oliver: Frozen Ingredients Can Be Good To Cook With

Sep 22, 2015 08:30 AM EDT | By Jackie Pasaol


British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver will be cooking frozen and left over food to help people whip up dishes that are both wallet and palate-friendly.

This unglamorous, thrifty recipes will be aired in the second season of his budget cooking show, 'Save With Jamie.'

"As chefs, we would never normally talk about frozen fish or vegetables because it's not cool or prestigious. But the reality is that at home, I am not a chef, I'm a dad, and nutrition and the technology of freezing is really fantastic," Jamie told Life.

He said that the second season of the program will feature a lot of vegetarian dishes. "It cuts your food budget by a third because meat is b***** expensive," he said. "Cheap meat is not a sexy thing. If you're going to eat meat, you're much better eating higher quality meat and less of it."

He said getting children to eat green, healthy food is crucial because normally they get attracted by sugary drinks and sweet food due to the advertisements. So it's important to make food look appealing at the same time, children should have a regular dose of these healthy treats on the dining table.

In each episode of his upcoming show, he will present five recipes made from frozen ingredients, loaded with helpful tips. He would like to correct the erroneous assumptions people have with regards to frozen ingredients. He wants to help viewers understand the reliablity of freezing technology, which has been misunderstood for a long time.

"Freezing has got a bad reputation because we've spent 30 years freezing c****y meat products," he explained. What we need to understand he said, is that technology actually helps to preserve the nutritional content of the recipes.

He also believes that the most delicious meals come from people who live in financially challenged backgrounds.

"Food can be beautiful and delicious, but also exciting even if you're working to a budget. The most valuable commodity is not necessarily money, but knowledge," Oliver remarked.

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