Medicinal Chocolate: Scientist Invented a Healthy Chocolate That Can Be Taken As Medication

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Chocolate lovers would be thrilled upon hearing that scientists was able to come up with a chocolate that's healthy enough to be used as a medication.

As per The Daily Mail, an American company was able to develop a chocolate prototype which only contains 35 percent fat and sugar. It's a known fact that cacao contains anti-oxidants that helps cleanse the body. It is also filled with minerals can provides good cholesterol and it aids in lowering blood pressure.

It may have several health benefits; cacao alone however does not taste good, and is very bitter.

Due to its taste, chocolate manufacturing companies would usually add sugar and sweeteners to make the perfect chocolate, Kuka Xoco however came up with a different ingredient.  The chocolate used an herb from Andean region of Bolivia and Peru to have it sweetened instead of sugar mixtures.

As per Gregory Aharonian of Kuka Xoco, the company who developed the chocolate:

'Using micro grams of coca plant extract, we can de-bitter unsweetened cacao. This eliminates the need for sugar, sweeteners and much of the fat in chocolate, unleashing the medical benefits of cacao.'

He then noted that the company's long term goal is to reduce the 35 percent fat and sugar to only 10 percent. The firm is located in Boston and in Bolivia, they that cited that using artificial sweeteners on their products failed simply because it did not exhibit the taste that they were aiming for. As a matter of fact, it actually "taste bad" and it leads to weight gain and contains adverse health effects.

The medicinal chocolate is due to hit the shelves next year.

The Medical New Today then added that chocolates does have several health benefits including lowering cholesterol levels, preventing cognitive decline and it also aids in reducing cardio vascular problems.

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