Try These 3 New Lumpia Recipes With a Twist

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Try These 3 New Lumpia Recipes With a Twist
Milk tea lumpia is now a thing.
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While lumpia or spring roll is almost a staple in most Filipino homes and other parts of Asia, there appears many more ways to cook it than the usual. This means people worldwide can enjoy eating them too if the traditional lumpias are not as palatable to them. These three lumpia flavors are quite rare, so they are worth a try!

TikTok is now the home of almost everything - financial tips, dance crazes and challenges, and people technically transforming to mini chefs overnight. For many viewers, that is a blessing because there is always something new to discover. For instance, lumpia in milk-tea flavor, among others. Interested? Inquirer has collated three of these interesting lumpias that are worth trying:

Milk Tea Lumpia

The name alone is enough to raise some eyebrows. Milk tea and lumpia fusion? Does that sound palatable? It's worth a try to see for yourself. 

If you are a milk tea lover, then this is a no-brainer. If you are not, but you are a fan of lumpia, then this might be worth checking out too. Who knows? You might like the tangy taste of boba in your spring roll. 

People saw in TikTok a lumpia filled with both cream and boba, drizzled with brown sugar sesame glaze. If you still cannot understand why lumpia can be merged with milk tea, surely you might still enjoy it just for being so sweet!

@masterboba_ DIY Milktea Lumpia #notyourordinarylumpia #Diy #milktea #pearl #tiktok #tiktokfood ♬ original sound  - Master Boba

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Fruit Salad Lumpia

If you are already tired of eating fruit salad the usual way, then go ahead and fry it into a lumpia. This Tiktok user had the ingenious idea to turn fruit salad into a lumpia, and it's certainly up to you if you would like it. But given how colorful the output is, this is certainly worth a try. Check out the video below:  

@foodietarsiidae Your fav. Fruit salad in a lumpia? Why not.️ taste like Crepe. #notyourordinarylumpia #FoodietokPh #TiktokEatsPh #FruitSalad #CapCut ♬ Hear Me Now - Alok & Zeeba & Bruno Martini

Halo-Halo Lumpia

This is another interesting lumpia spin some people saw on the platform. If you are unfamiliar with halo-halo, it's worth noting that it is a popular dessert in the Philippines. 

With the dry season in place in that part of the world already, it is fair to assume that many Filipinos are whipping up this dessert. 

Halo-halo refers to the very colorful, layered dessert made of a mix of everything sweet - sweetened beans, colorful (sweet!) fruits, shaved ice drizzled with evaporated milk, and ice cream. Did we say it's sweet?

Halo-halo is like Filipinos - sweet, colorful, and just diverse. One way to understand the Filipinos or Asians is through their food, and this treat is certainly one gateway to understanding the hospitable group of individuals. 

But someone must have been tired of how halo-halo is normally enjoyed, so someone has decided that it must be turned into lumpia instead. Check out the TikTok video below, follow the instructions, and taste for yourself whether this is a good lumpia flavor for you. 

@lunchboxerph Halo-halo inspired Lumpia. Ice cream is optional, pwede ring may milk ##TikTokEatsPH ##FoodieTokPH ##HealthyOnefor2021 ##notyourordinarylumpia ##fyp ♬ Magandang Dilag - JM Bales

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