Quarantine Cooking Fatigue: 3 Ways to Fight Kitchen Boredom During Pandemic

Mar 23, 2021 08:20 AM EDT | By Erika Dee (staff@foodworldnews.com)

Cooking at home
Cooking at home during the continuous quarantine can be tiring.
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If you are already so done with your own cooking by now - no matter how much your husband, kids, or parents love them, then you are experiencing quarantine cooking fatigue. Below are three ways to combat this feeling, which can actually be debilitating, one of which is even therapist-approved. 

'The Opposite Day" Method

One way to avoid fatigue with cooking incessantly through weeks and months as the pandemic refuses to cease is to practice the "Opposite Day" method. This is even therapist-approved.  

Opposite Day, if you have not heard of it, refers to the one day where people strive to do everything opposite, no matter how weird that is. Instead of sleeping at night, they sleep during the day. They wear their clothes backward, and they create an upheaval in their daily routine. 

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The lockdown has compelled people to live almost daily within the four walls of their homes, and no matter how fun that could be for a while, it can become a drag. Constantly trying to cook up a storm in the kitchen can be fun, and then it no longer is. "Our brains thrive on novelty, we need change. You cannot grow in absolute stasis," a certified family therapist, Dr. Kathryn Smerling, Ph.D., LCSW, explained. 

She added that whenever possible, to avoid fatigue from setting in, people should change their routines. This includes their cooking styles. This means rewriting recipes and changing some ingredients rather than thinking of one new dish after another. 

Redoing Leftovers

Another tip is to think of how to revamp leftovers, as opposed to thinking of what new dish to cook because that in itself can be tiring. Some worry about cooking the same dish 28 times already (it happened!), but cannot for the life of them, think of what more to do.

Just changing up the leftover instead of just heating them up is one way to get those creative juices going. The feeling of eating something new with something you know is supposed to be old can be quite gratifying too. 

Teach Someone Else to Cook

If you are already tired of being the resident cook, you should teach someone else to cook. This does not mean handing your role to another person completely because that can feel a bit depressing. Teaching another person to cook, however, can make you the teacher, and this can feel new. 

You get to tell someone how hard it is to cook and humbly brag about your skills, which can effectively keep fatigue at bay. It's a win-win situation because you transform kitchen time into a learning experience for someone else, and you get to enjoy the whole process of cooking from another position. If you are a mom and are going to teach your children, the whole experience can even be more fulfilling

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