What’s On Wendy’s Secret Menu?

Apr 08, 2021 05:15 AM EDT | By Zyanya James (staff@foodworldnews.com)

What’s On Wendy’s Secret Menu?
Uncover Wendy's secret menu and try new items!
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While many restaurants are closing due to COVID-19 restrictions, food chains are thriving. Thanks to drive-thrus and digital sales, some even experienced sales growth. According to Eat This, Not That!, Wendy's is among the top five fast food chains that did well last year with a 4.8 percent increase in systemwide sales. The successful launch of their breakfast menu placed them ahead of Burger King and Subway. Of course, the unbeatable combo of Wendy's Baconator and the classic Chocolate Frosty is a must. However, if you're up for something different, here's what's on Wendy's secret menu.

Wendy's Secret Menu

Wide Open Eats reveals that these are your best bets on Wendy's secret menu.

The Barnyard Burger

If you're torn between getting a cheeseburger or chicken sandwich, why not combine both and order a Barnyard Burger? This protein-packed sandwich features a beef patty, a spicy chicken patty, ham, bacon, and cheese!

Grand Slam Burger

This is Wendy's secret offering for beef lovers. Four square-shaped beef patties are sandwiched between two slices of cheese and a burger bun. You can even ask for slices of cheese between each patty if you want an extra boost of umami goodness.

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Quadruple Baconator

If the Grand Slam Burger isn't enough of a protein boost, ask for the Quadruple Baconator. Just like the Grand Slam Burger, it has four beef patties and cheese. In addition, as the name suggests, bacon slices join each patty. You can also ask for lettuce and tomato if you need the pretense of veggies.

T-Rex Burger

This is the ultimate Wendy's treat for meat-eaters. Nine (you read that right) beef patties and nice cheese slices are stacked high between a single bun with pickles, onions, lettuce, and tomato. It's not available at every Wendy's location, but if you're hungry enough to try it, check out if the nearest Wendy's can do this for you.

Jurassic Burger

If nine patties aren't enough, make it an even 10 with the Jurassic Burger. It might be a good idea to skip dinner and breakfast before tackling this meaty challenge.

Asiago Beef Burger

You may already be familiar with the Asiago Ranch Classic Club or order it all the time. For the unfamiliar, this mouthwatering sandwich features a chicken breast patty, ranch sauce, asiago cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and the usual accompaniments of bacon and lettuce. Try swapping the chicken patty for a beef one and see if it's just as good!

Chili Cheeseburger

You can order a side of chili, chili cheese fries, or chili and cheese baked potato at Wendy's, but did you know that you can add chili on a cheeseburger? Order a cheeseburger and ask for a scoop of chili on top. If your request is denied, just order both and combine. You can even add a side of fries and top that with the chili, too! Add a frosty, and you'll have the perfect combo of sweet and savory. These snacks are certainly worth a try!

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