Entrepreneurs & Business People Have Been Asking For This Type Of Personal Training For Years

May 05, 2021 03:44 PM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton

Entrepreneurs & Business People Have Been Asking For This Type Of Personal Training For Years

(Photo : Entrepreneurs & Business People Have Been Asking For This Type Of Personal Training For Years )

Professional Bodybuilder and Hollywood star-coach knows how challenging it is, to maintain or reach fitness goals while sticking to a tight working schedule. Spotting the niche, his brand Faction Training is right on its path to becoming a multi-million dollars online platform. 

The brand consists of a growing team of five professionals and Erick Janicki himself backing up each personalized training approach. While some approaches, like a 16 week training package, sound quite common, there is a lot that distinguishes it from other fitness modules.

Within a year of its advent in 2020, Faction Training has grown into a $600K company and it is steadily moving up, with testimonials from countless high profile clients and celebrities. 

Who Is Eric Janicki

Eric Janicki was a three varsity athlete during his college time. He worked at Merrill Lynch and joined AllianceBernstein Global Wealth Management post-graduation. His knack for the financial sector with analysis, investment and much more paved him a quite successful career in the field.

However, fitness has been an integral part of his life. While he was training with a friend, he helped them with guidance. With time, he discovered  his passion to guide people, share the extent of knowledge he had gathered on the topic. He quickly ensured all professional qualifications and turned things into a business. In Hollywood, several dream-bodies were made under the guidance of Janicki.

With the adversities of 2020, he recognized the opportunity to develop his own online private and personal training platform. 

Get Into The Shoe Of Your Clients

Eric Janicki was well-aware of the challenges any person faces. It can be the lack of time to cook or eat healthy, or it could be getting too busy to work out. Often, it's a lack of clear understanding and education on topics, which easily happens when everybody is advertising their own solution, often without any profound knowledge. Faction Training specifically made it possible for business owners and budding entrepreneurs to find a platform to redefine their lifestyles. 

With the changes they made, the consistency in growth, improvement and sustainable fitness lifestyle became apparent. Mental health, nutrition, and training are all given the same amount of attention - the only way to maintain your goals. All of this collectively led to a great business endeavor. 

Many people provide online training, but nobody provides personalized training with undivided attention. To secure these standards, Eric hired five professionals in the field. These certified experts became his pillars to boost the business. As a result, Faction Training turned into a 'boutique' training center that caters to an individual requirement of a person. 

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