Carrols, Big Burger King Franchisee Makes First Investment After Pandemic

Jul 22, 2021 07:45 PM EDT | By Ernest Hamilton

Carrols, Big Burger King Franchisee Makes First Investment After Pandemic

(Photo : Carrols, Big Burger King Franchisee Makes First Investment After Pandemic)

On July 8, 2021, Carrols, a Burger King franchisee, announced that it has purchased nineteen restaurants based in Michigan and Indiana. This is Carrols corporation's first investment in two years. In a recent statement, Dan Accordino, Carrols CEO, said, "With low debt levels, we have been seeking opportunities to expand our overall portfolio." As of 2019, Carrols operated over one thousand Burger King locations and could acquire another 50 sites, according to the Restaurant Business

In early 2020, Carrols paused its acquisition pace to focus on remodels that would boost efficiency and generate more revenue. This move would also help the company reduce debt levels, which had increased by 4.3 times in 2019 after merging with franchisee Cambridge. The addition of 19 restaurants gives Carrols a more significant presence in the states of Indiana and Michigan. According to Accordino, the company believes it can improve its average sales rate. With the restaurant industry looking at a franchising upsurge, below are a few tips on how you can improve your food business. 

Diversify your restaurant services

Even before the health crisis began, take-out and delivery services have gained a lot of popularity. Now, they have become essential services, as more people opt to order from the comfort of their home rather than dine out. With this in mind, provide delivery and take-out services in your restaurant. To enhance efficiency and increase sales, consider optimizing your take-out and delivery menu. Doing so helps you provide foodstuff that requires less effort to prepare, and it can be delivered without much hassle. You may also incorporate a drive-through window at your restaurant to streamline the food ordering process.

Maximize table turnover

Maximizing your restaurant's table turnover rate can help improve your food business significantly. However, to achieve the best outcome, you must optimize your services. This step entails keeping your staff on a quick schedule, adjusting the seating arrangement to work in your favor, and maintaining an organized reservation system. Most importantly, learn how to use restaurant technologies to optimize table ordering, food delivery, and takeaway services. By investing in the right takeaway EPOS systems, for example, you can easily automate payment processes. Ideally, an electronic point of sale system allows you to receive payments from customers who are placing orders via your website, delivery platforms, or on the phone. With an EPOS system in place, you can see the number of orders placed via delivery platforms and calculate the commission charged by delivery services.  

Enhance marketing strategies

Effective marketing is a sure way to boost growth in your food business. Therefore, take a considerable amount of time to evaluate marketing strategies that may work best for your restaurant. Remember, traditional marketing tactics like TV ads, billboards, and newspaper ads are ideal for reaching target customers within your location, but they are expensive. That's why the most successful restaurant owners leverage digital marketing because it's cost-effective. Not to mention, advertising your restaurant on social media enables you to reach a larger audience and boost brand recognition. 

Managing a restaurant business might seem like an easy job, but it's daunting due to high competition in the industry. Nonetheless, you can succeed as a restaurateur if you focus on improving your services. Also, invest in boosting table turnover and leverage digital marketing campaigns to your advantage.  

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