Top Tips for Bakery Owners

Aug 31, 2021 06:17 PM EDT | By David Thompson

Top Tips for Bakery Owners

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Has it always been a dream of yours to open up your own bakery? Do you absolutely love the idea of creating stunning cake designs and cute cupcakes for a variety of events and celebrations? Or do you have a passion for baking delicious bread rolls and pastries?

If you've looked into opening a bakery, you'll know that it's not as simple as it might first seem. There are so many different things you need to consider before you can open up, from contact an ingredient supplier for food manufacturers to finding a space to rent for your bakery.

Here are some top tips that will make opening up and running a successful bakery as simple and easy as possible.

Business Plan

The first step for any business owner to do, no what industry they're entering, is to create a structured business plan. It lays the foundation for your bakery, and it should include the following details

  • Executive summary
  • Mission and values
  • Bakery description
  • Marketing strategy
  • Financial forecast and budgeting

Research Popular Areas

When deciding on a specific location for your bakery, make sure to thoroughly research a number of areas. Find a spot that is popular, yet has few nearby competitors. This could be the high street of a small town or a popular tourist area near to a city. Once you've got a list of several locations, book a viewing and check them out for yourself before you make a final decision.

Order Equipment and Contact Suppliers

This is arguably the most complex step of setting up a bakery. The equipment you will need depends on the specific foods that you aim to sell in your bakery. Consider the following categories

  • Storage requirements (shelving, fridge freezers, trolleys)
  • Baking equipment (ovens, scales, dough sheets, bowls, spatulas)
  • Display cabinets
  • Cleaning supplies

As a bakery, you will need a variety of different ingredients in large amounts, so you are best buying your stock in bulk from a high-quality, reliant supplier.

Hire the Right Team

Your team makes all the difference to your business. You want staff members who are truly passionate about the bakery and want your customers to have the best experience possible. Take your time to conduct interviews and scout great people to build a strong team of hard workers. This will contribute massively to the overall success of your bakery.

Save Your Recipes

You may be able to remember one or two core family recipes that you've been following for years. However, when you open up your bakery, you're going to have several recipes to remember all at once. Keep a bakery recipe book somewhere safe that includes all of the ingredients and measurements required to make the perfect bread rolls, cakes, pastries, and all of the other goodies you sell. It's a good idea to keep a digital copy of these recipes too, just in case the paper copy gets ruined.

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