These Fast Food Orders Won't Make You Fat

These Fast Food Orders Won't Make You Fat

Here are five nutritionists-approved fast-food items you can order that won't make you fat.

Federal Program Provides Lunches To Needy Kids

Can Emoji-Labeled Food Solve Childhood Obesity?

Researchers found that the use of emojis greatly affects the simple decision-making skills of children when it comes to identifying the healthy and unhealthy food choices.

Restaurant Chain Chipotle Warns Climate Change Could Force Guacamole Off Their Menu

5 Reasons Why Fat is the Ultimate Beauty Superfood

Some nutritionists suggest that it's these healthy fats that actually give great skin, good hair and a healthy glow to boot. Meaning: More reasons to eat Guac!

McDonald's Japan To Offer Chocolate Topped 'McChoco Potato'

Healthy Ways To Enjoy Fast Food

The effort to have a quickie lunch drive thru tends to leave us feeling guilty as we think of the ways we're gaining calories and fats. While you're on the go, you can follow this guru-caliber advice on pointing at the right menu items in an effort to save big on fat and calories.

Whipped or Heavy?

Whipping Cream Vs Heavy Cream; What Exactly is the Difference?

Have you ever encountered a recipe that asks for a heavy cream, and wondered if it's the same with whipping cream? We are guessing almost everybody who spends time in the kitchen had the same dilemma.


Will Eating Before Bed Make Us Fat? Study Reveals It Won't Unless We Eat Snacks High in Sugar and Calories [VIDEO]

If our midnight snack is consistently high in calories and sugar, it could eventually lead to weight gain, especially if we’re not burning some of that off when we are awake.


Experts Say, Lard is Actually Good for Your Health

Many disagree before that lard is harmful to one's health. Only 40% of lard's fat is saturated. But recently, experts found that saturated fat is beneficial for a health body.

The No. 1 Ingredient For Sculpted Abs That Costs Pennies a Day

The No. 1 Ingredient For Sculpted Abs That Costs Pennies a Day

A report from a Swedish study stated that a person who drinks green tea instead of water with their meals got less hungry and reportedly in the span of two hours.

Turning Bad Body Fat Into Good Fat

Turning Bad Body Fat Into Good Fat

In the journal Cell Metabolism, a newly released study has proven that flabby white fat has the possibility to turn into calorie-burning, metabolism-boosting brown fat. A person can gain fat as long as it's healthy brown fat and not white fat.

Diet Experts Eat at McDonald's

Diet Experts Eat at McDonald's

McDonald's treats finally get a nod from dieticians where they will surelly satisfy a person's craving and still keep a person's waistline toned and tight. Nutrition experts sugergested McDonald's foods that includes burgers, bacon, and even ice cream.

Ways to Lose Weight and Save Money

Ways to Lose Weight and Save Money

Even a person's money is tight, not every slim-down plan requires expensive gym membership, a personal nutritionist, or a $70-a-day juice cleanse. There are secret weight loss tricks that will save a person money and burn calories.

Carbs That Can Help A Person Lose Weight

Carbs That Can Help You Lose Weight

The real deal is that, most of the vitamins and other micronutrients a person needs to shut down their fat genes, not to mention the fiber necessary to keep a person's bellies healthy and full, are found in carbs.

Foods That Prevent Overeating

Food That Prevent Overeating

The researchers at Rutgers found in a new study that overindulging especially in high-fat food could be caused not by a lack of fortitude, but by the unmanageable hormonal response triggered by an imbalance in the brain.

Most Shocking Sandwiches in America

Most Shocking Sandwiches in America

Most of the sandwiches nowadays are made or cook by chain restaurants with anonymous short-order cooks, and they use cheap fats and low-quality carbs. In order to unwrap some of the worst sandwiches in America, a research was made in the most popular restaurants that serve sandwiches.


Saturated Fats Alone Doesn't Cause Heart Disease Risk: Omega-3s May Have No Benefits

Saturated fat is bad for your heart health, right? That may not be the case. Scientists have found no evidence to support the guidelines that say people should restrict saturated fat consumption in order to lower the risk of heart disease.

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