Instagram Heightens Food Experience

We already know that Instagram food tastes better than the food that you have not posted. But do you know that each time you post photos of food on your Instagram, it actually heightens your satisfaction to the food that you ordered or cooked?

Food photographs

Instagram Contributes to Food Aesthetics

Food photographs make food a visual treat.

Food Porn!

14 Ways You Can Make Your Photo: #FoodPorn on Instagram

Have you been drooling over glorious photos of food all over your feed and wonder why can't you turn your food photo to the ultimate #foodporn online.


When Foodgramming Turns into 'Bread and Butter': Food Instagrammers Take Over Ecommerce

Through a very popular mobile app called Instagram, 19-year-olds Natalie Landsberg, Gillian Presto and Emily Morse have created a joint account called @New_Fork_City where they cleverly and innovatively showcase snaps of their food. They were only being normal Instagram users doing the usual, until their follower count skyrocketed to six digits.

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