Check out London's first and brand new cheese conveyor belt restaurant

London is now having its first-ever cheese conveyor belt restaurant, and it's going to be cheesy.


Have You Tried Munching a Chewable Glass?

Yes, you read it right. You can now munch an edible, chewable glass!

Istiklal Street, Istanbul, Turkey

Iskal Burger: Istanbul's Staple Food Will Give Other Burger Joints Around the World a Run for Their Money

The staple food that takes care of the drunk crowd that stumbles out of the hundreds of bars, restaurants, and clubs around Istikal.

East London

Jack the Ripper Unmasked by Australian Schoolteacher

New South Wales schoolteacher Richard Patterson's 20-year investigation may have finally found the identity of the man hidden in the fog of mysterious killings in 19th century East London.

Ellie Goulding Reunites With Niall Horan of One Direction After They

London Borough Starts Fining Homeless £1000, Ellie Goulding Slams City Council In Response

The east London borough of Hackney has been slammed for a new protection order it filed recently. The new bill allows police and city council officers to fine homeless people up to £1000 for a range of offenses deemed to be anti-social. These activities include, but are not limited to, begging, loitering, and rough sleeping.

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