Price Of Chocolate To Rise, As Demand Increases From Emerging Markets

Move Over Nutella, Twix Spread Arrives To Rattle Your Tastebuds

The release of Mars Inc.'s Twix Spread had created a stir over the weekend. The beloved chocolate can now be enjoyed as a spread and it has already threatened to take the spotlight from Ferrero's Nutella.

Nutella Shortage Possible As Weather In Turkey Wipes Out 70 Percent Of Hazelnut Crop

'Nutella' makes Widow the Richest Woman in Italy

When Nutella' founder passed away, his vast fortune was inherited by the 98-year old widow.


This Liqueur Will Make Your Alcoholic Nutella Dreams Come True

Nutella and alcohol combined brings you to chocolatey tipsy heaven.

Campaign For Real Ale Hold The Great British Beer Festival

Beer Jelly: Nutella Spread Too Mainstream For You? Spreadable Beer Is Here, And May Be New Foodie Trend

For those who have based a good portion of their lives on the idea that alcohol shouldn't be consumed before noon, the latest beer jelly release should shake their whole world, as a company in Vermont has just released a series of spreads based on different flavors of this popular beverage.

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