KFC Menu Adds Fried Chicken Pizza In Hong Kong – While Colonel Sanders Stars In Comic Book! [PHOTOS]

Jul 07, 2015 08:16 AM EDT | By Victoria Guerra

The chain formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is well known for its odd creations involving their primary product, both within the United States and other franchises, most notably those in Asian countries; now, KFC menus get a new makeover, as they add an odd combination between fried chicken and pizza to their Hong Kong menus.

In yet another odd move for the KFC menu anywhere in the world, the fried chicken chain has recently announced the launch of their Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken in the autonomous Chinese territory, mixing two fast food items that many thought were impossible to mix.

According to Metro UK, the new KFC menu item mixes the two by adding a base of tomato sauce as well as breaded mozzarella and cheddar mix to their classic recipe for fried chicken, and looking at the picture, it doesn't look as completely absurd as it might, though the reaction on social media has been mixed to say the least.

Yahoo! News reports that the latest addition to the KFC menu has been received with shock in the country, with Twitter users swinging from calling it the way that "dreams really do come true" as well as accusing the major chain of running out of ideas.

While the KFC menu becomes the subject of controversy, Eater reports that, back home, the fast food chain is focusing strongly on their recently re-launched mascot, Colonel Sanders, releasing a graphic novel called "KFC Presents: The Colonel's Adventure Comics" that will be available at the San Diego Comic-Con later this month, only a few months after having released an arcade-like game starring the chain's iconic founder.

In any case, interestingly enough, if it's successful in Hong Kong, there's a chance that this fried chicken-pizza mix ends up being in KFC menus everywhere, as there's one factor to be taken into account: the fried chicken chain is owned by the same company as Pizza Hutc (and Taco Bell), Yum! Brands.

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