Irradiated Food is Actually Safe to Eat

Aug 25, 2015 08:30 PM EDT | By abbie uychiat

When it comes to food tech, numerous precautions should be considered. Every food processing technique is carefully studied and Food Irradiation is one of them. The process of food irradiation is still being questioned up to now, as scientist and consumers would wonder on why radiation would be used in food processing. The Mother Jones Website did however cite facts backed by science that food irradiation is indeed safe and beneficial in terms of cleansing processed food.

Wegman's meat merchandising manager, Mark Spagnola made a statement regarding the consumer's reaction about the said process stating:

"Some people even think their food is going to be radioactive, which is just totally not how this works."

A University of Minnesota expert on food-borne illness who has studied irradiation extensively, Michael Osterholm made a statement regarding the food irradiation stating that it kills as many bacteria as cooking at high temperatures, but without any loss of taste. "Food irradiation shows absolutely no detrimental impact on the food".

The organization's assistant director, Patty Lovera then added:

"This could be a gateway to faster line speeds at meat facilities and sloppier handling practices." 

A food microbiologist and irradiation expert at the University of Manitoba, Rick Holley however opposed to this food tech process stating:

"You can't make bad food good using irradiation, If your plant is dirty and not inspected and overtaxed, the food is going to be bad in a way that irradiation can't fix."

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website then stated that food irradiation does have several benefits as it help prevent food borne illness and it destroys insects on tropical fruits that are being imported, eliminating the need for pest control methods that can be harmful to human body. FDA then made it clear that irradiation does not make food radioactive, nor does it compromise nutritional quality and taste.

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