The Truth About Using Rice Cereal as Baby Food

Sep 14, 2015 09:00 PM EDT | By abbie uychiat

One of the most awaited times in raising a child is their ability to finally go on a solid diet. As fun as it may seem parents would usually aim for the best diet that would nourish their child, which would usually boil down to rice cereals. As per Fox News, rice cereals have always been the stand by food simply because it can easily be digested. It is also convenient as boxed rice cereal is cheaper and more convenient in terms of preparation.

Numerous studies however released that babies at around 6 months don't need rice cereal or grains.

As per Sara Peternell, a master nutrition therapist from Denver Colorado and the co-author of "Little Foodie: Baby Food Recipes for Babies and Toddlers with Taste." Children around this age [6-12 months] need complex carbohydrates like the ones found in sweet potatoes which can give them ample amount of energy.

The Marketing Manager for Mighty Rice Herman Suhirman then made a statement in regards to the usage of rice cereals for baby food then stated:

"Arsenic is a particular concern for rice because most rice in the world is grown in flooded fields. When you flood the fields, that anaerobic environment seems to encourage the release of arsenic from the ground and the rice plant readily absorbs it,"

He then added:

"That outer layer [in brown rice] that contains all of the nutrients also holds all the chemicals,"

Along with these claims is another statement from Angela Lemond, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Plano, Texas and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It is when she stated that babies that consume too much whole grains can sometimes have complications. It is when she stated that:

"In fact, feeding your baby too many whole grains- which also equals too much fiber- could be problematic. Since fiber slows down gastric emptying and aids with weight loss, it could slow down your baby's growth as well" she than added that "Often times food sensitivities can arise when we give babies first-year foods with too many of the larger protein molecules, You want to get that flavor in so when they get older and can handle more fiber and whole grains, they're going to choose that for themselves,"

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