'Vegan Facts': Things You Need To Know Before Going Vegan

Nov 16, 2015 02:27 PM EST | By abbie uychiat

Veganism is currently making a name in the food industry. It was once exclusive to the hippie culture, to those individuals determined to go on an animal-free diet. Most celebrities and famous persona are into vegetarianism as well such as Bill canton, Jay-Z and Beyoncé,  and Alicia Silverstone. The diet is a full pledge no meat, all plants restriction. No dairy products, meat, or eggs should take part on one's meal plan if you're intending to go full vegan.

Easy as it may sound, one must fully understand the nutritional requirements that need to be taken into consideration before jumping on the bandwagon. As per the Huffington Post, alternate sources of vitamins and nutrients needed by the body needs to be looked upon. 

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Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins such as B12 can naturally be found on animal food, which means by gong vegan, you would need to stock up on B12 rich supplements and B12 fortified food. B12 is important as it keeps the body's nerve system and blood cells healthy. Iron is also needed in one's daily diet, though it has 2 types, heme and non-heme. Heme, is normally found in animal food is easily absorbed by the body. Though it has his vegan counterpart, the non-heme iron, it is "less readily absorbed." This being said, vegans would need to increase their intake on non-heme food.

As per Christian Henderson, RD "Good vegan iron sources include legumes, sunflower seeds, dried raisins and dark, leafy greens. Vitamin C-rich foods (think: red peppers, citrus and broccoli) aid iron absorption."


Each meal should contain protein, which are the building blocks of life. They are responsible for breaking down amino acids which promotes cell growth and repair. Though it is usually acquired in meat, a good vegan option would be beans, lentils, beans, and natural soy.

These may only be two facts in regards to going vegan, the Web Md gave out additional facts on things that should be considered before indulging one's self into a full pledged vegan diet.

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