Curry Leaves: Good Aid for a Better Digestion

Dec 01, 2015 07:40 AM EST | By Pao Uychiat


Curry is one of the most sought after ingredients when it comes to exotic food. People from all over the world know a good curry when they see one. Not only that, curry also plays an important role in our body. 

According to Health site, it was known that curry helps in food digestion. The next time you have them in your fridge, make sure to keep them. Unlike other herbs, like coriander or mint leaves, curry is usually considered as a waste and when going to restaurants and it is seen on our food, we usually pick it and keep it aside.

These leaves are not tasty and that is a fact. However, they are healthy and nutritious. When they are added to our food they help in digestion and can also lower the risk of stomach disorders such as diarrhea or indigestion. These leaves are known to be carminative by nature and because of that it plays a key role in digestion.

Ayurveda said that kadi patta has a mild laxative property that helps in the excretion of waste products and toxic wastes from the body. It helps in the balance of pitta levels in the body that can become a leading cause for indigestion and feeling of nausea. Alkaloid carbazole is also in these leaves. This acts as an anti-inflammatory compound which helps fight upset stomach and counteracts the effects of spicy food when eaten during meals.

Here are few ways to add curry leaves to your food:

  • Curry leaves chutney with chillies, salt and tomatoes (if you love spicy food)
  • Finely chopped curry leaves in parathas
  • Curry leaves in dal (along with other leafy vegetables)
  • Crushed curry leaves with buttermilk 2- 3 times a day to relieve diarrhea.

If your kids or family members don't like curry leaves, you can grind them into paste and add them in curries or chutneys to aid in digestion.

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