Eat These Foods at Midnight Without Feeling Guilty

Dec 10, 2015 10:25 AM EST | By Pao Uychiat


Living a very busy life tend to take a toll on everybody's health. Most of us forget to grab a bite because of the busy schedule we have every day. As soon as we get home, it's already late and feeling very tired, most would just opt to much on anything they could get their hands on in the fridge. However, do you know that the food that you consume especially late at night can give you a food hangover the next day? According to an article in India Times said that the last bite you take before you sleep is the most crucial and important.

In the article it made a list of food that can be a good substitute and can pass as a healthy meal which can be consumed without the feeling of guilt the next day. It is just plain indulgence to good food that can make you sleep well.

First up, we have cereals and skimmed milk. Yes, that's right. You can munch on these breakfast favorites even at night. Wheat or Bran flakes and even oats are healthy alternatives. If you're not a milk person, then you can substitute it with low fat yogurt. Next, we have the old fashioned boiled eggs. You may boil the eggs and to add some new twist to it, you may add lemon and coriander which makes it a perfect snack.

If you are a nuts kind of person, then almonds will be a perfect choice for you. It's light on the stomach but can ease the hunger. You just need a handful and everything should be fine. Wondering if cheese is a good choice? Indeed it is, cottage cheese that is. It is high in protein and packed with calcium as well.

Brown bread and peanut butter is always a good choice. Whole wheat bread or ordinary brown bread and a smear of good old peanut butter can take away any stress you're feeling and not only hunger.

Finally, you may also try the simple way to make hunger disappear without the guilty feeling by drinking water. This way you can check whether it is hunger that you feel or thrist.

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