10 Tips for the Perfect Holiday Bar

Dec 23, 2015 12:40 PM EST | By Alexis Villarias

The bar becomes the center of attraction during a holiday party. This is where everything happens and you would want to make it perfect. So Foodbeast has created a list on how to perfect you holiday bar.

According to author Molly Shannon, perfecting the holiday bar will overshadow other imperfections of the party. Not enough chairs or food is no problem as long as the holiday bar is perfect; your holiday bash will be a sure hit.

Here are ten easy tips for setting up an amazing holiday bar:

1. Use Hat Toppers to Turn Bottles into Little Santas

Top everything you may think of with cute little Santa hats. This is a sure way to make everything festive.

2.  You may even top them on mounted animal heads.

3. Serve Grown Up Apple Cider

Serve this new holiday cocktail recipe, the Apple Spiced Stoli Mule.

4. Bust Out Funny Holiday Napkins

This humorous holiday napkins have a high probability of not being used. Rather, it will most likely be kept as a souvenir from your awesome party.

5. Step Up Your Ice Game

Pick up some crazy ice molds to shape up that ice. You may also want to add food colouring to match cocktail drinks.

6. Serve them the Red-Nosed Cocktail

Add this recipe on your list to glow up the party. Check out the Rudolph-inspired recipe here.

7. Get to Know Your Cocktail Herbs and Spices

Makes sure to know the best pair for herbs and spices especially the cinnamon, vanilla bean ginger.

8. Hang Stockings Full of "Good Cheer"

Fill up your cups in these stockings. Hand a couple of these behind the bar for a quick refill.

9. Keep Up Spirits with Holiday Drinking Games

Come up with some crazy holiday-inspired drinking games. Search the web or come up with your own crew. There's always "spin the bottle" as the last option.

10. Red Cup Party Lights

String up this DIY red cup lights. This is a sure way to scream that the party is on!

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