Lenten Season 2016 Recipes: 5 Ways to Eat Fish

Feb 17, 2016 04:20 AM EST | By Ifeanyi Egede


Seafood is great to the taste and the health. The average serving of fish would provide you with a vast amount of nutrients your body would constantly thank you for. If you love fish, then this might give you an idea on how to make your next dish. Provided is a list of five different ways you can enjoy the seafood.

Roast fish
Stuff your fish with anything you want, slather it your favorite spices and set your fish to roast. This is a great meal to have with friends, serve it with a nice bottle of beer and enjoy the day.

Boiled fish
A great thing about fish is the ease and speed in which it gets done. Put the fish of  your choice in a pot and steam boil it into a delicacy you can enjoy for dinner any day.

Grilled fish
Marinate you fish in spices, garnish it with the vegetables of your choice and set your fish on a grill.  The tasty crispy outcome can be served for the whole  family on a nice summer day. Some great fishes to grill are tuna, snapper, salmon, Mahi Mahi, and swordfish.

Fried fish
Fried fish is a great snack you can enjoy at any time of the day. Spice the fish, bread it and dip it in a deep fryer. This tasty meal can be served with a variety of sides or even had on the run as a light tasty snack.

Baked fish
An oven baked fish is a great idea for a quick healthy dinner you and your family can enjoy at home. Baked fish is extremely convenient, toss it in the oven and get the table set while the microwave or oven handles its job.

Oily fishes like salmon  and tuna  are extremely rich in omega 3 an antioxidant that boosts your system significantly, making you a happier, healthier and more energetic individual.

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