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A salesman will tell you why you lose out on sales, and that's probably because you failed to gather and analyze the data on lost sales or non-repeat customers. As for the restaurant industry, it is pure common sense.  You don't need to be a chef or take a culinary arts degree to tell why customers don't come back to your restaurant.

The moment your kitchen fails you, that's the end of your restaurant business.  Great chefs from all over the world pinpoint reasons on why customers don't return to a restaurant.  Here are 10 Reasons Why:

1.  Undercooking french fries

This is a very simple order of a customer and if you can't even perfect French fries, you have no right to put up a restaurant.

2.  Lazy to look for local culinary resources

Using mall-bought tortillas instead of making one or finding one in a local store is unforgivable!

3.  Saying no to a customer's wish

Chefs can be egomaniacs but it would be better if they can fulfill or tweak minor substitutions as the customer wishes, after all, customer will pay the bill.

4.  Dips should be warm

When you serve a cold, coagulated dip, you better hibernate.

5.  Overcooking veggies

When you veggie is too soft and not crunchy, expect that it has been overcooked.

Once you overcook a burger, it will either be

6. Overcooking or Undercooking Burgers

The result will either be a bloody or hard rock burger!

7.  Lying about labels

There are restaurants that want to be like French restaurants or so they incorporate some French food in their menu and end up misrepresenting their food.  That's when customers realize that they ordered a different thing from what they actually taste.

8.  Garnishes that don't make sense.

9.  Cutting the steak the wrong way.

Steak should be cut against the grain (not with it) to shorten the muscle fibers and make the meat less chewy according to a chef at the Bourbon Steak at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, DC.

10.  Soups need to be served right away as soon as it simmers.

You need to ladle it into a soup bowl as soon as it simmers.  You don't let it sit.

After reading this, you're sure not to commit the same mistake as a restaurant owner!

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