Incredibly Delicious Ways to Stuff Your Oreos

Mar 02, 2016 05:00 AM EST | By Anita Valensia

Feed your Oreo addiction with some of these delicious and surprising ways to hide your Oreos! If you are used to eating them whole, this few bliss can take Oreos to the next level.

Use Oreos on top of your brownies

Oreos make a more delish addition to your dough. Layer Oreos into the brownie batter before putting it to bake. Add another scoop of ice cream when serving the slice. This decadent treat surely won't last long.

Inside chocolate chip cookies

This will be a hidden gem as you roll your dough into balls and flat them - place Oreo inside and fold the cookie dough to hide it.

At the bottom of cupcakes

It's one of the best surprises as you drop an Oreo in each tin before pouring the cupcake batter in. Top your ready-to-eat cupcakes with cream frosting and Oreo crumbs.

In pies

As you place the pie shell on tin, line a generous amount of Oreos crumbs before topping it with your custard or pudding. Freeze it overnight and you just make yourself a super yummy treat!

Inside crispy rice crackers

The combination of sweet and savory lunch treat - insert an Oreo in the middle part before you transfer it to the pan. It's soft and crunchy!

Make Oreo icebox

This no-bake recipe consists of simple ingredients of Oreos, whip cream and vanilla ice cream. Layering them on top of another and cool it in the freezer before slicing it. Whip cream makes the texture super soft. And don't forget to pour cream cheese on top.

Oreo Truffles

Mix Oreo crumbs with cream cheese and forms small size balls before coating them with white chocolate melts. Put them in the refrigerator and let them set for a few hours.

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