What Ingredient You Serve Best With Beef?

Mar 04, 2016 10:16 AM EST | By Anita Valensia

Your imagination is the limit; but when it comes to beef, there are classic ingredients that becomes a tradition and creates ever-delicious meals in the kitchen. As a versatile meat, you can try these taste sensations to pair with your beef.

Beef and oyster

Ever since the Victorian empire introduced pies, oysters are a great addition to put especially for the poors who couldn't afford to buy meat. Today, the combo makes a very delicious source of protein and flavor, too.

Minced beef and tomatoes

Beef and tomatoes can definitely become one of those comforting dinners on the sofa. Whether it's tomato sauce or soup, both combination yields the tastiest result. Serve meet in hearty meatballs; combine with onions; or simply top the mixture on your spaghetti.

Sirloin and ginger

Oriental foods come with humble sprinkles of herbs like ginger. The next time you try to cook something with your tender beef sirloin, why not stir fry marinated beef in soya sauce and cook it with freshly chopped ginger, garlic, and onions. To add more spice, sprinkle red chillis and pour in the honey. It's the Far-East food style you will drool about.

Beef and buns

Gordon Ramsay lends us his inspiring burger recipe - which makes beef and bun the perfect duo for a healthy diet. Lean meat makes a great beef patty to stuff your burger buns. The juicy beef ramps up the flavor while the cheese gives that chewy balance perfection. Add some pickles and paprika chops

Ground beef and bread crumbs

That classic meatloaf that Granny used to make is the best home cooked comfort you can opt from beef meat. It's a cure for cold and craving. Hint of garlic-parsley and seasoning from ketchup-Worchesterhire sauce for great tasting topping.

If you are cooking at home, don't forget to pair the beef dishes with wine. It always matches.

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