6 Irresistible Easter Recipes for the Whole Family

Mar 10, 2016 05:30 AM EST | By Staff Reporter

Families everywhere prepare for upcoming great tasting feasts as Easter fast approaches. Lent is not just about repenting sins and by-gones. It's also about having fun with great food in the spirit of Easter. Below are some irresistible foods the whole family can share out and about as they rejoice in merry times this Easter.

1.       Hot Cross Buns

As bbc.co.uk reported, hot cross buns are usually eaten during Good Friday. Superstitions call for the strict compliance with such ritual. Families can follow or break the ritual, though. These buns contain fruity filling that is oven-baked to perfection together with the pastry. These buns also make good afternoon snacks right before an Easter lunch or dinner meals.

2.       Homemade Chocolate Easter Eggs

Whoever says someone can't make their own chocolate Easter eggs is wrong. Families need to believe in themselves that they can make their own sweet chocolatey goodies without buying such goodies in a store.

For chocolate Easter eggs, one would just need Easter simnel truffles, seashell caramels and Gulab Jamun all thrown together in an oven to make the tastiest finished products.

3.       Symbolic Simnel Cake

Simnel cakes have been in existence since the old ages. 11 marzipan balls make up the rich symbolic Simnel cake. These marzipan balls are the symbols of Christ's 11 loyal apostles.

4.       A Spring Chicken Meal

As Myrecipes.com reported, a spring chicken lunch is what makes family bonding moments even closer. Families feel closer to each other as they feast with a spring chicken together as they take turns in slicing chicken slices to be eaten during Easter lunch or dinner. The kids even more so feel loved as adults take turns in slicing chicken slices for them, and putting those slices on the kids' plates.

5.       Cookies and Tea for an Afternoon Easter Snack

Cookies and tea during an afternoon Easter snack make good stomach fillers in the festivities. Chocolate chip cookies are what would make kids smile, as they eat and play at the same time. Get your kids to help in baking the cookies before they eat them. Give your kids a sense of responsibility knowing they would have to reap hard work before they can enjoy the rewards that come with it.

6.       Springtime Sandwich Lunch Buffet

As epicurious.com reported, Easter is the time for people to forget about constantly eating meat. A Springtime sandwich lunch buffet makes families feast on assorted healthy sandwiches made up of radishes, asparagus and English peas. Make Easter a once in a lifetime occasion. After all, the perfect timing to eat clean and healthy does not along very often.

Make Easter a memorable, yet fun experience for the whole family, just by feasting on these unique foods alone. After all, life is short to stick by the ordinary all the time.

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