Startups Start to Dominate Food Industry

Mar 14, 2016 04:20 AM EDT | By Rhea Penaflor (

Top conglomerates of the food industry have been in the business for decades but with the advent of "edible" startups, which have registering all over the US, especially in NY analysts see a decline in the traditional way of patronizing food industries, instead, it shifts its eyes to food startups! It also means that for huge established food brands doing the same thing all over again, they must come out, explore and innovate. Otherwise, the startup companies will surely dominate the market as it does now.

Take, for example, Foodscape. It's a startup for growers, eaters, and landowners. Foodscape as a startup is there to provide access to fresh, healthy real food. They  do this by growing and sharing food in local communities, creating, connecting, and empowering small farms and food producers, including backyard farms, community gardens, neighborhood farms, and others. Foodscape creates small farms & large vegetable gardens (aka "foodscapes") for individuals, neighborhoods/communities, schools, & companies, bringing the farm even closer to the table. There is human touch in this kind of startup, not just having money and buying the food that you want like we do in major food conglomerates, right? This is something that big traditional food companies are looking into aside from doing some "corporate social responsibility" to their loyal consumers.

In 2015, Food Processing released its annual list of the top 100 food and beverage companies in the United States and Canada. It boasts this list because this is the only list of its kind.  Nowhere else can you sort manufacturers by sales, rank or income all in one place.

These Top 10 Food Companies are:

1. Pepsico Inc.

2. Tyson Foods Inc

3. Nestle (U.S. & Canada)


5. Coca-Cola Co.

6. Anheuser-Busch InBev

7. Kraft Foods Inc.

8. Smithfield Foods Inc.

9. General Mills Inc. (5/25/14)

10. ConAgra Foods Inc.

What do they have in common? They are all huge food conglomerates that need to introduce novel ideas, or else, food technology startups especially those that focus on eating healthy will certainly dominate the market.

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