How to Transform Cold Pizza into Hot New Meals

Mar 18, 2016 07:24 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter


There are chances that there's pizza in your ice chest at this moment, gradually aging until you culpably toss it in the junk since you didn't have a craving for eating pizza a couple of evenings in a row. Try not to overlook the pizza like the creditor hunting you down to pay your credits yet transform it into a sandwich. Here are ways to transform leftover pizza.

Pizza patty melt

Everything you need for this recipe is pizza, mozzarella, provolone and a spatula since we know pizza and cheddar are likely the main consumable things you have in your ice chest at any given minute.

Pizza casserole

All recipes demonstrate to you best practices to take a baking dish, mozzarella, a third of an onion, eggs and a couple cuts of remaining pizza and transform it all into a breakfast that appears as though you invested energy in it.

Pizza bread pudding

Turning leftover pizza into bread pudding sounds like a dreadful thought dreamed up by a sadomasochist Internet gourmet expert attempting to trap individuals into making something that will taste awful but this recipe is undeniably delicious.

Pizza croutons

Most Americans who aren't on an eating regimen agree that plate of mixed greens is a misuse of a meal. In any case, because of our pizza bread garnish recipe, you can effectively force down a whole bowl of lettuce and different veggies in the event that you dice up the leftovers of the previous evening's pizza dinner and simply drop them into a dish of tomato soup.

Waffle-iron pizza

The great people at Serious Eats demonstrate to you precisely generally accepted methods to overlap, cut and trim your remaining pie so as to pack it into a waffle iron and end up with chops that seem as though they'd be anything but difficult to eat while you drive. It's a secret why no pizza chain has stolen this thought yet. 

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