Floral Bakes Invade the Dessert Industry: Learn More About These Cakes Infused With Real Flowers

Mar 18, 2016 06:59 AM EDT | By Jessica Fenol


Photos of elegantly designed cakes are flooding Pinterest feeds and they all claim to have flower petals or flower oils in their recipes. Curious, we researched more on this trending style of floral bakes.

Baking is the art of cooking especially of desserts, cakes and pastries. But today, aside from frosting, bakers are infusing their desserts with flowers like chamomile, lavender and rose.

The Guardian shared a sample recipe to show how Floral bakes are made. The Summer Pineapple Chamomile Cake is one of them. It is made up of the usual ingredients but is enhanced with chamomile buds. The chamomile buds are added to the icing which definitely enhanced the cake's texture, smell and taste. 

Jamie Aston, known for their sweets, also offers floral bakes with using different types of edible flowers like roses. They have risen petal shortbread in their menu where rose petals were included during baking of the cake. They also have a dessert called "rosy rocky road", a brownie topped with sweet smelling rose petals. In their website, they said "This raw Rosey Rocky Road is like a love-spell in a slice. It totally has magic love powers. Made with raw cacao and cacao butter, with rose water, dried sour cherries and macadamia nuts as the 'rocky', Gluten-free, refined sugar-free."

Not a fan of roses? They also have a treat for non-roses lovers the Lavender Macaroons with Honey Buttercream. Bloom and Wild blog says the lavender doesn't only bring a delicate taste and scent to it but also adds a pretty natural purple color to the macaroons.

These Floral Bakes definitely elevate the pleasure we experienced when eating cakes. Imagine eating while satisfying both your sense of smell and sense of taste. In some South East Asian Nation, it is no surprise to put edible flowers in food especially in salads.

And although addictively gratifying and enjoyable, experts suggest that there only specific edible flowers are safe to eat. That's why for those planning to make their own floral bakes, make sure you are using the right kind of flowers, or better yet purchase one from your neighborhood bakeshops who offer amazing, ready-baked floral cakes.

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