Easter 2016 Hot Cross Buns: Get Into The Debates Or Just Enjoy Them?

Mar 21, 2016 06:24 AM EDT | By Anita Valensia

Easter 2016 does not only mark the resurrection of the Lord, but also the beginning of long-awaited Hot Cross Buns. 

Commonly rolled out before Good Friday, religious and the nonreligious, enjoy Hot Cross Buns each year - week to Easter - where the seasonal treat's sales are at peak. Whether to add a scoop of ice cream or to top it with melted butter, faithful consumers have their own ways of enjoying the buns. Jamie Oliver has his own indulging method of making the sticky buns and in some countries, bakeries even compete against each other to make the award-winning recipe for these buns.

Behind the such inspiring and iconic seasonal buns, it comes down to the ancient history in AD79. Beneath the ruins of Herculaneum, archeologists found the bun's earliest prototype. In the Middle Ages, Romans and Greeks symbolize the four seasons with the cross that quartered up the buns in the hope to draw evil spirits away.

Laura Mason, the author of The Oxford Companion to Food, wrote about the buns eating ritual in pagan Saxons, honoring Eostre, the goddess of light.  This led to the etymological origin of 'Easter'.

The author of BakeClass, Anneka Manning explains how the flour and the kneading process play a vital part in creating Hot Cross Buns. While the spice is a must-have ingredient, the glaze is optional. The piped cross? Unquestionably, important.

Legend has it that the lucky charm was believed to be potent when hung or taken on voyages and baking them on Good Fridays made the bread stayed fresh for the whole year.

In the tradition of Good Friday, those who do Lenten abstinence don't eat the buns until Good Friday. And it's becoming a worldwide debate up till today - whether to eat the baked bread when it is on sale or patiently wait until it's time for Good Friday.

As for now, people eat Hot Cross buns simply because it's delicious. Easter 2016 falls on March 27. 

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