Koreatown: Your Guide to Cooking Korean Dish in America

Apr 07, 2016 04:42 AM EDT | By Anita Valensia

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Chef Deuki Hong from the NYC's Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong restaurant feels the need to record his cooking journey inspired by his motherland. Working as an executive chef at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong restaurant, Hong has been used to tweaking recipes from his mother and even from the customers dining in the venue. The result? "Koreatown: A Cookbook" is the 'summary' of his experience with 100 recipes of home cooked meals to try in your downtown apartment by using electric stove - the way Hong does all this time.

The cookbook is a Korean pride as many of the chapters are dedicated to the country-style stews and soups. Together with the author, Matt Rodbard, the 26-year-old Korean-American bachelor would develop a new meal and shop the ingredients at the nearest Asian market.

Hong claims how easy it is to cook these Korean homemade dishes even if you are in New York. According to Rodbard, Korean food is mushrooming in America. The interest in Asian flavors is on the rise and many heritage restaurants serve authentic dishes inspired by their motherland.

Hong added that this cookbook is more like a story on how Korean foods are favored in America. Chefs from various backgrounds would incorporate Korean flavors and ingredients to create a twist in their creations.

Noticing the fact that Koreans are everywhere in New York, L.A or Chicago, he learned that the culture has invaded the West and quickly interpreted the phenomena as a mentality - a Koreatown.

Talking about his root, Hong explained how Koreans always bring a sense of pride from their heritage, wherever they go. This is proven by the foods being available and highly demanded in the States.

Upon curating the book, Rodbard did a thorough research and came up with a stunning result of the million of Koreans living in the U.S. The community involves cultures and restaurants that serve Korean traditional foods. It results in a unique combination where they actually expose their home cooked meals to the Americans. Rodbard explains how these foods have that distinct flavor that delivers exciting hues and taste. And no, it's not only kimchee but barbecues, too.

Aside from the popularity, Rodbard then added the most important thing about the book, by saying that no one can get sick from eating Korean food.

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