How to Find The Perfect Diet For Your Body Type

Jan 31, 2019 09:43 PM EST | By Staff Reporter


Where and how the fat you ingest is stored by your body can have a huge influence on both your weight and health. In this article, we're going to show you a few things you should eliminate and eat based on the body type you have. Body typing is largely more to do with hype than it is with substance. Especially those times when it comes to deciding what to wear.

However, when health is concerned your body type can sometimes tell you where your particular strengths and risks are.

1. Apple Body Type

The shape of this body type is just as it sounds. Broad shoulders, a thick torso and smaller legs, hips and arms. When apple body types gain weight it normally goes directly into your stomach. Carrying fat around your abdomen region means that your body organs are more likely to have fat surrounding them. This means increasing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome among several other health complications.

What To Eat: Focus on the intake of healthy fats. In contrast to public belief, fat will not make you fat. Omega-3 and monosaturated fats will cause you to eat less, help you feel fuller as well as help trim your stomach region and reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

What Not To Eat: People with this body type need to consider cutting down on their carbohydrate intake drastically. Particularly the simple carbs such as sugary snacks and the like

2. Pear Body Type

Of the different body types highlighted in this article, this might just be the most common of them all. Smaller waistline, narrow shoulders and bigger through the thighs and hips is the best way to describe the pear body type. Some good news though, the so-called gluteofemoral fats on thighs and hips are among the best places this excess fat can be stored. In fact, they have even linked this to a longer life.

What To Eat: The main goal for those with this body type is to focus on sustaining healthy body weight while working on building lean muscle. The best way you can achieve this is by eating loads of leafy greens, lean proteins and healthy fats. These are the three ingredients to any healthy diet.

What Not To Eat: Limit sugar intake. However, when we say this we don't mean you completely eliminate it from your diet. Just avoid eating things that contain sugar for no reason. Things such as bread, ketchup, pasta sauce and the like.

3. Hourglass Body Type

The weight of this body type is carried evenly between the bottom and top with a well-defined waistline to boot. Those with this body type will often find that they are able to store their fat equally across their entire body. .

What To Eat: Smart snacking can help you fight sneaky weight gain. Instead of reaching out for toaster waffles or a bag of chips, your carbs intake should be coming from complex, high-quality sources. However, veggies should be your go-to secret snack weapon.

What Not To Eat: Avoid giving in to the temptation of your sweet craving appetite. No matter what your hormonal rhythm is telling you, only take these foods on special occasions. These foods include ice creams, candies, pastries as well as other high sugar treats.

Fats differ. Some of them may prove hard on your health while others might respond differently according to different diets and body types. It all comes down to knowing what's best for your body type. Hopefully, this article has helped guide you in the right direction.

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