Foodie and Single? Take a Local Cooking Class to Mingle

Aug 09, 2019 11:37 AM EDT | By Hannah Smith

Foodie and Single? Take a Local Cooking Class to Mingle

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There's a new trend sweeping through the dating scene -- cooking classes! When you get right down to it, cooking classes as a popular option for dates makes a lot of sense. So many date nights involve eating out at a restaurant, so it's only natural that people would begin learning to make a meal themselves as an extra flourish. Cozymeal, a leading cooking classes marketplace, has hundreds of couple classes listed on its website which is more proof for the growing popularity of the trend. If you're looking for a great option for your next date night then look no further than a cooking class with your partner.

Fun From Married Couples to First Dates

No matter how long you've been with the partner you're making a date with, a cooking class is a great option. It's a casual setting that lets you relax and just have fun with the person you're spending time with, so it doesn't matter if you're looking to get to know someone new or build on a long chain of shared experiences with a lifelong partner. Cooking classes are fun for everyone.

Everybody Loves Delicious Food

There are few experiences more universal for people than the joy of biting into a tasty meal. No matter where you and your date come from, be it down the hall or from opposite sides of the world, odds are you both have favorite foods you love to eat. This makes it perfect fare for date night. Not only will you get to create delicious foods yourselves, but it's also a great opportunity to talk about other foods you love and cooking techniques that you know.

Classes Create Happy and Unique Memories

At the end of the day, the best relationships are built on a long history of shared experiences and fun things you have done together. A cooking class is an unforgettable experience to take part in with your partner. Odds are there will be several remarkable moments during the class. Whether you're remembering the incredible success you had making the meal, or things go the other way and you have shared laughs over mistakes you made and the end result of those mistakes, the important thing is that they are experiences you had together and share, which makes you grow closer together.

Working Together Builds Stronger Bonds

Just as creating memories with one another is a great way to feel more connected to another person, so too is working together towards a common goal. There's a reason that many companies schedule regular team building exercises for their employees to complete together in groups -- because working as a unit makes you feel closer to other members of that unit. When you take a cooking class on a date you work in a unit of two, which allows you to concentrate on those benefits. You still get all the perks of working towards a common goal, but by doing it with just one person the bonds you form are highly personalized and focused on just your partner.

Keeping Busy Keeps Things Interesting

Taking a cooking class with your date is a particularly useful option for dates at the beginning of a relationship, or even as a first date. Because you are working to create a meal and learn a lesson throughout the date there is always something new waiting around the corner to occupy you, which means you don't have to worry about the dreadful specter of awkward silence. While there is still plenty of opportunity to talk and get to know each other while you work, if things hit a lull you have the experience of the cooking class to help bridge the gap until a new topic presents itself, allowing your date to continue on more smoothly than if you were just sat across from each other at a table.

A Date That Keeps on Giving

The best part about taking a date to a cooking class is that the benefits don't end when the night does. After you leave class you'll both be armed with one or more new recipes you know how to cook. Additionally, the techniques used in the creation of those recipes can also be applied to create other dishes as well, so you can both learn skills which will be useful for the rest of your life whenever you set out to make a delicious home-cooked meal. You can't beat a date that keeps on giving.

When you consider all the upsides to a cooking class date it's easy to see why they are becoming so popular. This trend doesn't look like slowing down any time soon, either!

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