These Apps Are Making Life So Much Easier!

Sep 05, 2019 02:19 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter

These Apps Are Making Life So Much Easier!

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It's no wonder the app store is continually bombarded with new selections. When one concept proves profitable, a succession of similar offerings follows soon. Although it seems like nearly any idea can morph into an app, there ultimately has to be some degree of demand in the marketplace. When you examine some of the key businesses whose primary revenue is generated by their app, you can start to see a pattern.


Ride-sharing apps are giving traditional taxi services a run for their money. Many people may be initially drawn in by the ease of using the app. Then, there are the perks of knowing exactly when and where the car will show up. The beauty of the apps is that they continually improve the experience based on feedback from the customers. Tracking the vehicle, choosing the level of luxury, and even dictating the amount of social interaction are examples of enhancements. Safety factors can be implemented like including names and pictures of drivers, as well as detailed information about the car.

Food Delivery

A business model that was really able to leverage the learnings from the ride-sharing apps is food delivery. Of course, individual restaurants have long offered delivery, but there are typically only a handful of dining establishments that traditionally deliver like pizza, and often, the delivery range is limited. With the advent of food delivery apps like foodpanda Pakistan, customers are now able to choose from a wide range of restaurants that previously couldn't serve food beyond their physical location. These services will pick up your food of choice from your favorite restaurants and bring it right to your door.

There are even businesses that not only specialize in prepared food delivery, but also grocery shopping. It's especially convenient when you live in a bustling city, and it can be difficult to always get out to pick up supplies. But then, these apps have you covered.


As more and more movies and television shows become available online through a streaming service, it's no wonder people are switching from satellite or cable to online streaming options. Users can easily sign up and cancel their subscriptions at any time without having to speak with a customer service representative on the phone, or worry about accommodating their schedule to have a service technician to stop by to install equipment. They can be much more selective about the content they pay for and at a much more reasonable price. Also, they have much more control over when they watch their shows without having to worry about forgetting to set up recordings.

On the surface, all these business ideas are relatively basic. Customers already had access to all of the services in some form, yet these apps are wildly successful and keep the long-established competition on their toes. People love their phones, and they appreciate the convenience that these apps provide. As technology continues to advance, society will continue to realize the benefits of all these innovations that make it easier to navigate an increasingly hectic world.

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