Long John Silver’s Exciting Facts for Seafood Lovers

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Long John Silver’s Exciting Facts for Seafood Lovers

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Long John Silver's is famous for their chicken, cod and fried shrimp platters. It was started in 1929 by Jerome Lederer as a hamburger stand. Gradually, Lederer formed Jerrico Inc. and opened Dime Chain, Jerry's Five and other restaurants. The first restaurant, "Long John Silver's" was started on April 16, 1969, in Kentucky. Here are some interesting facts about this restaurant.

Novel Treasure Island (Name of Restaurant)

Name of Long John Silver's come after Long John Silver. He is a pirate villain in the novel of Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island, 1883). Before finalizing this name, the founders of this restaurant were considering Barnacle Bill's and Limey's (maritime-themed names).

This seafood chain is artistically committed to a nautical theme. The staff greets customers with a Captain's Bell. Customers can ring this bell after enjoying their meals. Moreover, the original building of this seafood chain had nautical decorations and England architecture.

Food Survey to Win Free Food

Long John Silver's needs feedback from their loyal clientele. After taking this survey, customers can win free food and other exciting prizes from the fast-food giant. Visit Snipon to access survey page and share your personal experience. Make sure to read survey requirements and restrictions before participating in this survey.

Name of Baseball Stadium

Jim Patterson joined Louisville University on a scholarship (baseball) in 1969 before starting Long John Silver's. After completing his graduation, he served in the Air force and started working as a restaurant franchisee. He was working for Jerrico Inc. 

In his supervision, the seafood chain (Long John Silver's) grown to more than 600 locations. Patterson started charities and other businesses. He donated almost $5 million for construction of Jim Patterson Stadium. The Louisville's baseball stadium is named after his seafood restaurant.

Fried Batter Flakes

You can order these flakes, but these are not available on their menu. They frequently serve friend food; therefore, small pieces of batter are a common thing. 

They serve these pieces over fry platters and fish. Customers often order these pieces as a secret side dish. These are famous as crispies, crunchies, crumbs, etc. Taste of this crunchy batter is renowned among customers.

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19) is a special day for this seafood restaurant. This day is famous for exclusive deals of Long John Silver's. They offer a chicken tender or a free fish to a person who spoke like pirates. On this day, people can get free baskets of chicken tender and fish after wearing buccaneer apparel. Landlubbers can get bonus points for their online pirate names. They must stay in their character during dinner.

Promotional Tie-in

Long John Silver's executives became the part of a movie release for a promotional relationship. Before the release of "The Little Rascals" in 1994, the commercial of seafood chain featured Alfalfa informing Darla about delicious fish and shrimp meal on a romantic vessel ride. They offer scratch card game to attract customers. It was a successful attempt; therefore, food chain partnered with "Lost in Space". This attempt was unsuccessful.  

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