4 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally with Breakfast

Sep 30, 2019 06:20 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter


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Breakfasts are, indeed, an early-morning necessity if one is to set the right tone for the day. But strangely enough, many of us still manage to miss our breakfasts before setting out for the day.

Throughout the night, the body is always busy at work breaking down the dinner from yesterday, and by the time you wake up, your body will be demanding fresh fuel. While breakfasts are no doubt a great way to break-the-fast and replenish the fuel that has been used up overnight, they are also essential because of their energy restorative effects. According to experts, if you miss the first day's meal - the breakfast - you may start with an energy deficit and have to tap into your energy reserves. In that light, we are now going to discuss some easy tips which can help you create your energy-boosting breakfast.

Choose whole grains

While you do not want to overload your stomach before the day's activities, you certainly want to fuel your body with some energy-giving diets. And for that, you need some high-fiber, whole-grain cereals and bread. These food items are known for their energy-giving benefits, as well as blood sugar regulation. For your choice of cereal, it is essential to note that of all the different types available on the market, bran cereal, bran flakes, and steel-cut oatmeal remain the healthiest bets. And to get the most from your cereal product, be sure to check on the label for any of the following features:

  • Minimum of 5 grams per serving

  • Maximum of 300 milligrams of sodium per serving

  • The first item on the ingredient list should be whole grain

  • Maximum of 5 grams of sugar per serving

For your bread, you can always get creative if you do not want to settle for the same diet every morning. To start with, you can make onion bread on the first day; then, you switch to cheese and pepper bread the next day and maybe bread and butter the day after. Whatsoever way you choose to go, be sure to get a Toastmaster bread machine, a machine renowned for its excellent bread making features.

Go protein

What is breakfast without an element of protein? For starters, you can always add a jar or bottle of yogurt to your early morning regimen. For better results, you may opt for Greek yogurt; it is known to contain more protein than regular yogurt. Additionally, you can incorporate eggs into your early morning diet too. At least a minimum of one per day is recommended for a healthy living. Although some may claim that yolks are high in cholesterol, we shouldn't discard the fact that eggs are generally rich in proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients, and above all, they are not known to cause any heart or body-related diseases. While it is necessary to limit, or stop, the intake of processed foods, you may want to add a few healthful fats, like salmon or nuts, into your breakfast too.

Choose home-made foods

Granted, you are going to take oatmeal; you can always decide to eat outside. Otherwise, it is better to stick with home-made foods. Like most processed foods, the breakfast offerings from fast-food chains and restaurants tend to be high in sodium, and low in fiber. Aside from these obvious nutritional deficiencies, eating outside has never been the best of acts considering the various level of risks and expenses involved. Most of the restaurants you find around today will only help you start your day with loads of refined carbohydrates and saturated fats, all of which are not only bad for your health, but they are also devoid of the much-needed energy you need to start your day.

Never forget a blend of smoothie

Your early morning diet is never balanced without the addition of fruits and vegetables. You've probably read a lot about the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables already, but what you probably haven't learned about is their energy-giving abilities. Did you know that many fruits and vegetables like banana, oranges, papaya, quinoa, beetroots, blueberries, salmon, nuts, mangoes, grapefruits, and apples are rich in energy? Some of them contain enough carbohydrates so much so that many trainers and fitness coaches suggest them to their students in an attempt to improve their workout routines. Now that you know that they can give you a sufficient amount of energy needed to boost your day, why not toss in your blender a fresh supply of fruits, vegetables, and a bit of ice, to make a refreshing, high energy breakfast?

Bottom line: Breakfasts are not only essential because they are a part of a traditional 3-square meal myth, but because they contribute significantly to our daily regimen.

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