3 Food Delivery Apps Busy Professionals Should Try Today

Oct 22, 2019 10:01 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter

3 Food Delivery Apps Busy Professionals Should Try Today

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As a busy professional, you're likely busier than the average person. You have several meetings daily, and loads of assignments to complete. And you're probably doing other things along the way, which means you have very little time to spare. That's why a few things keep slipping through the cracks. Things such as buying supplies at the farmer's market. Or shopping for groceries. 

But just because you can't buy ingredients doesn't mean you can't have a healthy meal when the craving strikes. Many efficient food delivery apps today keep busy professionals like you well-fed and happy. 

This short post presents 3 food ordering apps that ensure that insanely busy professionals don't starve. 

1. Mercato

Once you sign up  with this app, you get access to hundreds of grocery stores and restaurants in your area. The app works seamlessly. And you're not required to open an account every time you want to buy from a new restaurant. 

With this app, you can choose to collect the items in person or have them delivered. The beauty of this app is that it's free to use, and there are no minimums. That said, you may have to pay for delivery, and fees vary across restaurants and groceries. 

This app lets you shop for the best and freshest supplies from your locality, including seasonal items. You get to support small business owners near your school while enjoying great meals delivered incredibly fast. 

2. Tapingo

This  was created purposely to serve hungry college students. The app is available in over 200 campuses spread out across Canada and the United States. With this app, you can easily order a coffee or other menu item from variety of campus-based restaurants. 

But there's one little flaw with this app. You can't access its services unless your school's restaurants partner with the company that manages Tango. Some of the participating colleges include Virginia Tech, Arizona State, Temple University, University of Oklahoma, and UCF. 

Two things make Tapingo an app worth a try. First, it's a campus-based app that's 100% student-focused. Second, it's intelligent. It uses a complex algo that tracks your food ordering behavior. Let's say you've been ordering your coffee at a specific time of day. The app notices that and starts placing your order! You can choose to have the order delivered or you can opt to pick it up. 

3. Eat24

Eat 24 conveniently offers "The best food in town". Very few food ordering apps boast this app's ever-growing popularity. As of this writing, the app partners with over 20,000 restaurants, placing limitless choice in your palms. 

The app offers a unique feature called "What's Good" that users really appreciate. The feature uses a complex algo to select the best dishes for users in a given locality. And that saves time.

It decides what's best for you on the basis of user reviews, tips from local consumers, and what's popular. While it's not as comprehensive as HealthyOut, it's much better than most of its competitors in this regard.  

4. HealthyOut

A lot of thoughtfulness seems to have gone into the development process for healthy out. Most apps just provide a list of restaurants and the menu items they offer. And while those lists offer a bit of organization, this app trumps them all. 

It organizes menu items into well-thought-out and recognizable categories. That makes your search for your fave delicacy fast and pain-free. Whether you wish to order a paleo, low-carb, protein-packed, or pescatarian dish, the app's got you covered. 

It gets even better. 

The app lets you browse options within a specific caloric range. It even tells you what nutrients constitute your meal -protein, fat, vitamin, carbs, and more. You'd be hard-pressed to find an app that provides such comprehensive advice regarding what users may order. 

Final Thoughts

Surely, writing that report is more important than cooking a meal. Prepping healthy meals should no longer be a reason for not completing your tasks on time. Grab any of the apps described above and start focusing on what matters most - delivering results for your company

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