Top Wedding Food Trends For 2020

Nov 05, 2019 10:33 AM EST | By Staff Reporter


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Over the years, we've seen the way wedding menu receptions food turn out all planned, and proper. Think about exotic three and five-course meals to the extravagant buffet all on the cute menu cards. Today, menu cards aren't a rave anymore, and couples are coming up with wedding food ideas that represent them. 

From street style foods, pick edible displays to BBQ for outdoors, it's a time for varieties in wedding meals. Get creative with your wedding dinner ideas by staying inspired with these trendy reception food ideas from Wedding Forward

Munchy wedding favors

This is a DIY wedding delight that you and your significant other can handle because it's personalized. Yes, it's of the essence to appreciate your guests who forced your wedding, and it must be personal. Munchy wedding favors are great when combined with other inedible souvenirs. 

Share your love with your guests by giving them stuff like custom flavored candies or mini chocolate bars. Another of our favorite are fortune cookies because a lot can be done with them. Monogram them with your initials or wedding date. You can also fill them with your favorite love quotes, or write out your best wishes to them. This becomes a keepsake long after the cookies are gone. Pair them with monogrammed napkins, wedding scrapbook, or locally brewed mini bottled wine. 

Street style food

Take your catering ideas for a wedding to the streets and get quality for less. Spice, aroma, local flavor and satisfaction is everything street food represents. With a fraction of the budget for high-end catering, you can have it all on the streets. Whether you're vegan, love Mexican, Chinese, Indian, or you just love burgers and pizzas. You'd never run out of variety. Street caterers are well ready and offer packages for wedding celebrations.

The beautiful part is that it's all-inclusive, leaving guests relaxed and real to themselves. They don't have to sit around with strangers acting all prim and proper. They won't also pretend to love "marinated shrimps in lukewarm cheese" when all they want is to grab a burger. Guests will leave your wedding with satisfaction. 

BBQs for the outdoors 

BBQs are quite laid back and relaxed. If this is your wedding vision, enjoy it in the serene ambiance of the outdoors. Try out BBQ wedding dinner ideas like beef, pies, ribs, cinnamon buns, fried chicken. They're quite budget-friendly. For more colors, throw in grilled veggies or pasta salad. These are what ideal BBQs are well made of. 

Enjoy these under the starry skies, with strings of lights to give more glow. Make it picnic style by spreading out blankets and leaving your guests with essential baskets. These baskets will contain everything they need to combat a cold insect filled evening. 


Nibbles grazing tables 

Nibbles grazing tables is an all-time winner of foods to serve at a wedding. Known as a congregation of small chops and finger foods, the varieties are endless. This is the one way to cater to all your guest preferences without communicating with them. Make out tables of themed foods so that they know where suits their palates. Choice foods include sandwiches in bite sizes, cookies, cupcakes, loaves of bread, pickles, dips, raw veggies, nuts, olives, cheese, etc. 

So you see, there's something for everyone because the tables are all-encompassing. Guests can keep going back to pick whatever their taste buds long for, without piling a plate. These snacks are temperature resilient and can stay through the day while maintaining their freshness and taste. Perfect for reception wedding meals, cocktail hour, dessert, wedding breakfast starters, and snacks. They could also pass for handy edible favors for guests. 

Cute pick edible display

These are wedding catering specials, perfect for both big and small weddings. A favorite is the legendary doughnut wall which can be used as an alternative to cakes. Having doughnut walls at your wedding is introducing an icebreaker. Guests will always move to pick their sweet treats and in the process, interact and catch up with each other. There, we also have bouquets of cupcakes and macaroon towers, if you're not big on doughnuts.

For the health buffs, you can opt for the very nutritious fruit palm trees. Each of these palm trees will contain 500 pieces of your chosen fruits. All these are well prepared on the wedding morning to maintain freshness. Guests come to the wedding and go home healthier. And fruit palm trees make stunning centerpieces. 

Wedding catering becomes more accomplishing with these wedding food ideas. Serve more food to guests and save more on cash. 

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