The Gift of Food at Christmas: What’s most popular?

Nov 12, 2019 04:01 PM EST | By Staff Reporter

The Gift of Food at Christmas: What’s most popular?

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Food is always an excellent gift choice at Christmas. But how do you select which edibles to give your loved ones? Well, help is at hand. Take a look at the following food gift ideas so you can decide who should receive them.

Cookie Butter

Cookies make a great foodie-gift to give at Christmas. But do you know what's even better? Cookie butter. With a spreadable cookie crumb butter, your recipient can enhance any other sweet treats they've got in their home over the festive period. Forget the ready-made shop-bought stuff, though. If you want to make an impression with your gift, make your own gourmet nutty-sweet cookie butter. Package it in a jar and add some ribbons and glitter to make this present shine at Christmastime.

Chocolate Hamper

A hamper containing any edible and drinkable treats is always a great Christmas gift. But if you're considering giving a loved one a hamper, why not go all out and get him or her a chocolate-hamper? Various physical and online stores sell hampers full of choc-delights. For instance, this selection of chocolate hampers includes the Christmas-themed Be Merry Hamper, the Snack Sensation Basket, and the luxurious Botanica Collection. Chocolate hampers are especially good gifts to give to families.

Cheese Collection

Most people love cheese. But too often people don't get to sample gourmet cheeses. If your gift recipient is a lover of all things cheesy, give a collection of selected fine cheeses, and perhaps a bottle of wine to accompany it. It's up to you to decide how luxurious you want the cheese to be. Prices can range from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars. If you want a quality cheese selection at an affordable price, try Murray's Greatest Hits Cheese Collection. It contains a tangy English cheddar, a creamy brie, nutty-flavored gruyere, and a subtle-tasting Manchego. Chosen by a panel of experts, these cheeses go perfectly with spiced cherries or Marcona almonds. So, you could add those as extras to your gift.

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Caramel Cake Bites

You can never have enough cake at Christmas. And if you give bite-size cakes, they can easily be shared among friends and family. There are various delicious bites available from multiple brands. But The South Carolina Bakery makes some of the best. They are are a feast for the eyes as much as the mouth. They are a creamy yellow color, crowned in oozing caramel and dipped in white chocolate. Whether you purchase caramel cake bites or make them yourself, anyone with a sweet tooth will love receiving them.


You may not instantly associate caviar with Christmas, but Christmastime is all about spoiling oneself. It's the time for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy a little luxury. So, caviar can be a very welcome gift. It's also a food gift that recipients won't be expecting. For one thing, it's savory, unlike the edibles mentioned above. You can find exquisite, high-quality caviar with nuances of sturgeon and paddlefish flavors for around $150. If you want to push the boat out and impress your loved one, caviar is the way to go.

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