What to Consider When Camping through Wine Countries?

Dec 19, 2019 09:35 PM EST | By Staff Reporter

What to Consider When Camping through Wine Countries?

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It's absolutely and insanely expensive, so never mind. You would probably think like this when somebody invited you to spend a weekend in a wine region. Perhaps you presume that wines are expensive, so as its origin, right? That makes sense. But you, my friend, should know that there is a way to enjoy and explore the valley on a dime.

What could it be? Something like appreciating nature, lying under the stars, or cooking over a campfire. That's right-camp out. Nothing is better than getting warmed with wine from the cold night breeze, as well. We're assuming you're down with it because you're here! Now, what should you consider when camping through wine countries?

Wine accessories

Every camper has his/her must-bring wine accessories when camping. Moreover, considering that wineries are equipped with tools for wine production, camping in a wine region might be more convenient.

Even so, we've listed down the most commonly brought wine equipment when camping:

●      Wine glasses (with or without stems)

●      Insulated wine carriers

●      Cork puller

●      Foil cutter

Despite the infrequent requirement, some might still bring unnecessary tools like a vacuum pump and seal. It's all up to you, anyway. Others wouldn't even be caught with less than five bottles of Sokolin fine wines to choose from over a weekend or holiday camp. Everyone does have their preference. For a better experience, however, I do suggest that you pack lightly.

Boxed Wines

I would argue that carrying bottles of wine aren't inconvenient! The bottles make everything hefty. This is why the packaging-to-wine weight ratio of boxed wines is more advantageous. What's more, it's eco-friendly! The boxes are biodegradable, not to mention the fact that their production doesn't take much energy compared to what it takes when manufacturing bottles.

Are you worried about the quality of wine due to its 'unusual' packaging? Don't be. Research has shown that it's not 'unusual' to box wines. In fact, a lot of people recommend it. The number one enemy of good wine is light, and you must know that boxes have zero light penetration. Hence, boxed wines stay fresh longer than when they're bottled.

Drunken Cheese

For something unusual, try northern Italy's ubriaco. It's a kind of cheese that literally means 'drunken.' Why so? It's because it's a wine-soaked cheese. It's not new. It all started in the cheese factory owned Carpenedo family during the First World War. But many wine regions are now trying to reproduce it, so it's the talk of the town nowadays.

With this, you're probably thinking why pairing cheese with wine when you can eat them all together! Unfortunately, that might not happen. Though infused with wine, ubriaco would unlikely get you drunk alone, unless paired with a hearty glass of wine.

Wine and Food Pairings

Now that we've mentioned cheese and wine, food pairings are one of the things you should consider when camping out. While drinking wine for an entire day seems like a good idea, we can't survive on wine alone.

Moreover, if you're lucky, you can learn about wine pairings from sommeliers in various wineries in the region. But, let's say you haven't kept what you heard in mind. You're planning to cook dinner over a campfire and have it with wine. What are the points you should consider?

●      The wine should be sweeter or more acidic than the food

●      Bitter wines should be balanced with fat

●      When cooking, the wine should be matched with sauce than its meat

●      Red wines are best paired with boldly flavored meats, such as red meat

●      White wines are best paired with light-intensity meats, such as chicken or fish

●      Red wines generate congruent pairings more often than not

●      White wines have contrasting pairings more often than not

The next thing you should bear in mind is the time of the year. It's as essential as meals. For instance, what you'll have for dinner is some juicy steaks. Remember that when it's bold-flavored meat, a glass of red wine is the best with it.

But what if it's summer? Red wines of heavy high alcohol don't taste good with the summer heat.  What you should do is to opt for a light wine with 14.5% alcohol or lower. In this regard, Riesling, sangria, and other cooler blends would be great thirst-quenching wines in the said season.


Camping through wine countries is indeed a great experience. For one, you get to see nature in all its glory. A good idea to heighten up the experience is by bringing along wines as you traverse through wine country. Of course, it would help that you pack your wines properly and know which food goes with what.

In the end, it doesn't matter if it's a cost-effective or high-priced place of interest. Know before you go. You should check the area's conditions. Stay on top of weather trends in a region's season. Check the recent changes in trail closures, terrains, or other similar hazards. Be extra careful with your trash and fire pits as you wouldn't want to inadvertently start a forest fire. Again, camp responsibly and enjoy the great outdoors.

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