Five of Your Favourite Takeaway Dishes You Can Make at Home

Feb 19, 2020 01:27 PM EST | By Staff Reporter

Five of Your Favourite Takeaway Dishes You Can Make at Home

(Photo : Five of Your Favourite Takeaway Dishes You Can Make at Home)

The thought of cooking after a long day at work or on a relaxing weekend can seem like a chore. However, you don't always need to opt for a takeaway. It's so easy to create your favourite takeaway dishes at home and often, it'll actually be quicker than ordering and waiting for delivery!


To start with is a meal you can make quicker than the time it takes for it to be delivered. Widely known as the nation's favourite, a scrumptious pizza can be made at home in no time at all.

Simply purchase your favourite base (or even make your own from scratch if you're feeling brave), spread your tomato puree sauce, sprinkle some cheese and distribute your favourite toppings accordingly. This can then be placed in the grill for an amazing meal to go with your Saturday night TV.

Burger and fries

Another favourite is a classic hamburger with French fries. All you have to do is mix your mince beef with onion powder and salt and pepper and then cook on the hob and you have a delicious hamburger in no time. Simply add cheese, place it in a bun with lettuce and sauce and add a tray full of oven fries and you're all set for a delicious meal which hasn't cost a fortune.


If you're craving a curry, there are a few options available to you. Depending how confident you are and if you have the time, you can make it all from scratch or alternatively, some tasty ready-made sauces are available from most supermarkets. Simply dice some chicken or lamb, add your curry sauce and boil some rice in a separate pan and you're done. You can even purchase poppadoms and a naan bread for the complete experience.

Depending how adventurous you want to be, some great recipes are available here including a range of flavours from mild curries such as korma, to a hotter vindaloo, there's a recipe for everyone.


Kebabs are great for both beginners in the kitchen and experienced 'home chefs'. All that's needed are your diced chosen meat (be it chicken, lamb or beef etc), seasoning, your chosen veg such as peppers and onions, all to be placed on a skewer and rice on the side. 

Do your own Sub

Although perhaps not strictly a fast food meal like the other options above, a great way to save money on your lunches is to make your own subs rather than relying on the likes of Subway. Making your own is super easy to do. All you need is a fresh breaded sub, your choice of filling - be it slices of turkey, ham or beef for example - and your favourite salads and sauces. Make it early in the morning or before bed at night, keep it in the fridge and you're good to go! You can even bring your own cookie and drink to make the 'meal deal' complete.


You do not need to frequently eat out or order a takeaway in order to enjoy your favourite fast-foods. By opting to cook your own meals rather than frequently ordering takeaways, you could save a small fortune over the coming months and years. If however, you ever find yourself struggling to make ends meet in the month, a payday loan might be a suitable form of finance for you. Before applying, be sure to know how much you'll have to pay back in total and that it is affordable in your circumstances. 

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