Firstleaf Wine Review

Mar 25, 2020 05:37 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter

Firstleaf wine review

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Nothing can beat the feeling of placing a subscription order on a Wednesday and have the same shipped right to your doorstep first thing on Saturday morning. Oh, and what about getting a thankyou note from an original winemaker? Well, it's not about having a colorful Firstleaf wine review, but it's about telling the truth! Moreover, you don't only receive one card, but several others, which, when filled accordingly, will help the winemaker craft out something to match your taste and preferences. 

So, what did we find out about Firstleaf wine? Well, our findings include the following six bottles of wine that you will likely receive on your first subscription order:

  • Literaria '42 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Chile

Literaria '42 2017 Sauvignon Blanc originates from Chile and doesn't only have a vibrant taste but a refreshing flavor that you'll come to love. It is a 2017 vintage with an alcohol concentration of about 13%. Well, it isn't much of driving someone insanely drunk, but can be a good after meal wine for the whole family. Currently, the wine is retailing at about $19 for a 750ml bottle. It can also act as a good birthday wine gift because it is smooth on the throat!  

  • Le Douleur Exquise 2014 Côtes Catalanes

Of course, the other brand that we were going to show you had to be a French wine. Le Douleur Exquise 2014 Côtes Catalanes is crafted from the finest red grapes of the Cotes Catalanes region. A bottle of this wine retails at about $24, at an alcohol concentration of 25.4%, which is actually good for a red carpet event!

  • Loudspeaker 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon California

Firstleaf wine wants you to have a one of a kind wine tasting experience that will see them blending a perfect next-time curative option for you. Loudspeaker 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon California will actually make you fall for white one more than ever! It originates from California, with an alcohol concentration of 14%. A 750ml bottle of the same retails at about $26 You'll absolutely love the dark cherries and boysenberry blend that goes well with a fruit salad meal. 

  • Monjitas Blancas 2018 Torrontes Argentina

Monjitas Blancas 2018 Torrontes Argentina is another white one with an opulent aroma that speaks of class and elegance from afar. You are looking at a 2018-vintage that has fresh citrus blends to give it a unique taste. A bottle goes for about $19-$20 and comes at an alcoholic percentage of 14.50%. 

  • Apeloko 2018 Chenin Blanc South Africa

Everyone loves the experience of tasting wines from different parts of the globe and Apeloko 2018 Chenin Blanc South Africa brings you a unique taste and touch of the sub-Sahara Africa. You are looking at an acidic wine, with proportionate blends of candied lemon and Fuji apple. The bottle is quite affordable, and a 750ml package will cost you about $19. Moreover, this is a 2018 vintage with 13.4% alcohol concentration. If you could make it to a barbeque of roasted chicken with this bottle, then nothing will stop your night of merry! 

  • Stalwart Ship 2019 Monastrell Spain

If you love dark-flavored wines, then Stalwart Ship 2019 Monastrell Spain is actually offering the same. On the first package that we received, Firstleaf wine insisted that the wins could be perfectly paired with fries. You are looking at a 2017 vintage that retails at about $22, and the alcohol percentage is at 14.5%. It actually makes a good option if you want your meal times to be merry! 

Your first subscription order may not necessarily contain the above brands, but you should expect something close to that. All the bottles are a shipment away from our first order. Therefore, there is a high probability that it is sent to all customers. From this review, you can tell of how great Firstleaf wine is, especially after going past your first order. Remember, it's not just about wine, but a curated package that blends with your taste and preferences.

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