3 Safety Tips Every Restaurant Should Follow

May 03, 2020 11:21 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter

3 Safety Tips Every Restaurant Should Follow

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While dining out is a relaxing experience for customers, what goes on behind the kitchen doors is a different story altogether. It is a world of potentially dangerous, hot, and stressful conditions that can injure any staff while working. No matter how friendly the wait staff is, they always enter the kitchen knowing the risks involved. With hot liquids, sharp kitchen tools, potential spillages, and open flames, the restaurant staff needs to work very carefully to avoid any accidents. 

But every restaurant can avoid unforeseen incidents if they follow the safety tips below.

1. Implement fire safety procedures

A fire hazard is arguably the most life-threatening incident that you would want to avoid. The kitchen staff should always stay alert and pay attention while cooking dishes. Apart from relying on the attention of the kitchen staff, you should also implement the following fire safety procedures in your kitchen:

  • Train employees on how to put out various types of fire. Also, teach them how to use different types of fire extinguishers. There are different fire extinguishers for different classes of fire. The restaurant staff should know how to use these fire extinguishers safely and effectively.

  • Keep an evacuation plan ready and display it in the kitchen at a place where everyone can see from wherever they work.

  • Train employees to keep flammable objects like oil and other ingredients away from flames.

  • The employees should know how to turn off electrical power and gas during emergencies.

2. Prevent common injuries and accidents

The kitchen is full of hazardous tools that can injure the staff if they are careless. Slips and strains are quite common as the kitchen floor becomes greasy due to the oil and water around. Appoint a sweeper who will clean the kitchen floor every hour.

Also, try keeping semi-cooked food in one big place instead of storing them in small containers. This will provide more walking space to the kitchen staff instead of moving around with fear in their mind of spilling the food. For example, instead of storing semi-cooked food in small containers, you can use commercial bakery racks. It not only provides more room for the staff to move but also keeps different food items organized.

3. Invest in protective uniform

Even the best employee in your restaurant who follows all the safety procedures may be at risk if he/she doesn't wear the necessary protective uniform. Make sure you invest in high-quality protective uniforms so that the kitchen staff can cover themselves adequately to protect them from spills and burns. High-quality protective uniforms last longer. The shoes won't become slippery after a few months and the gloves would maintain their grip for years without allowing the utensils to slip from the staff's hands.

Now that you know the different safety procedures a restaurant should follow, start training your employees one by one. And don't think twice before spending on high-quality protective uniforms. The safety of your staff comes first because, in many ways, they serve as the lifeblood of your business.

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