4 Recommended Cities for Food Tours by Travel Bloggers

May 03, 2020 11:26 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter

4 Recommended Cities for Food Tours by Travel Bloggers

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of food tours? Different types of foods and drinks in various restaurants in a city? Well, food tours not only introduce you to a variety of unique dishes in restaurants but also the history, tradition, and culture of a city. If you are one of those who love to eat and travel, here are a few food tours recommended by some of the most popular travel bloggers.

1. Porto

There are two reasons why Porto should be an ideal start for your food trip: first, Portuenses don't experiment with their foods. They don't make fusion foods like other cities. Their simple dishes will make you lick your fingers until there is nothing left on them. Secondly, Portuenses food is an expression of their culture. They pay attention to every detail. In their restaurants, it is not the chef that gets all the praises. From the waiter to the ingredient supplier, everyone gets the same respect.  

What to try - Slow-roasted pork, club sandwiches, and flaky pastries.

2. Barcelona

More than the Barcelona food tour, you may want to visit the museums and churches in this city. Everything is so magical that you will feel like staying here for the rest of your life. Even the lesser-known streets look as if they have history written behind the walls and buildings. Also, when you are in Barcelona, don't forget to try various types of cheese. From sour to cheddar, you will find almost every variety of cheese you can think of.

What to try - Squid ink-stained paella, cider-braised pork cheeks, cumin-scented butifarra sausage, and flash-fried anchovies.

3. Lisbon

Food tours in Lisbon give visitors an idea about the city's culture and history. It is a city that smells like light coffee because of tons of coffee roasteries. Usually, the food tours in this city also include visits to famous tourist spots. You don't need to keep a separate day for sightseeing. The guide describes which food is popular and the history behind it. A Lisbon food tour is not just another culinary tour; it is a proper way to learn the history and traditions of Lisbon.

What to try - Steak sandwich, smoked sashimi of yellowfin tuna, horse mackerel bone broth, and egg custard pudding.

4. Berlin

Berlin probably has more restaurants and food stalls than people in the city. Every corner you turn consists of food stalls that serve some of the most delicious dishes. The variety of dishes is so vast that you may need to stay in Berlin for more than a week to try all the types of foods available. 

What to try - Döner kebabs, pickled ham hock (eisben), veal meatballs in cream sauce (königsberger klopse), and local red wine.

Together with the food, scenic beauty, culture, and traditions, these four cities will never fail to keep you entertained during your stay. Plan your trip with your foodie friends and make sure you try the foods recommended above.

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