Why Fresh Local Meat Matters

May 15, 2020 05:47 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter

Why Fresh Local Meat Matters

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It is widely understood that diet is an essential component of overall health. If you aren't careful to balance your intake of macronutrients and to ensure that your overall caloric intake is in line with your energy use over a given day, it is going to impact your physical and mental wellbeing. 

Awareness about the importance of eating well his has led many people to adopt diets designed to control weight gain by decreasing carb intake and reducing or cutting out harmful ingredients like refined sugar. 

But while these are important steps to take, eating well isn't just about what you don't eat: it's also about choosing nutrient-rich foods that will actively promote health by providing your body with the healthy fats, acids, and proteins that it needs to function well. For this reason, one of the most important features of an omnivorous diet will be fresh, local meat.  

How is Local Meat Different?

If you are at all interested in food trends, you've probably heard about things like the 100-mile diet and other local food initiatives. But while local food is clearly becoming more popular, does eating local meat really make a difference, or is this all just hype?

The truth is that local meat actually can make a substantial difference in your overall health, and in the health of the planet. Local meat that is raised on a farm rather than a feedlot, where livestock is given access to open spaces and can spend at least part of the year eating forage, is measurably superior to meat that has been factory farmed. 

In addition to having a richer flavor and better texture, local meat is:

  • More environmentally sustainable
  • Higher in nutrients and healthy fats
  • Has a smaller carbon footprint
  • Helps support the local economy
  • Encourages artisanal agriculture

At a time when concerns over the impact on industrial agriculture is having on our bodies and our world, eating local meat is one of the best ways to improve your own health and that of the planet. 

How Can I be Sure the Meat I'm Eating is Local?

But while the advantages of local meat might be clear, knowing how to get hold of it yourself isn't always so easy. High-end butchers often specialize in local meats, but these aren't always affordable for ordinary people, and can be even harder to get to during periods of coronavirus-induced social distancing. 

At the same time, supermarkets are not always transparent about where the meat they are selling comes from. Even products that are labelled as grass fed or organic may have been shipped hundreds of miles from their place of origin. 

Fortunately, a new generation of online grocery delivery services are taking local meat a little more seriously. For example, if you want local meat from an in-state farm or producer, you can order a meat box from https://trulocalusa.com/ and have it delivered straight to your door. 

Many of these meat delivery services connect you directly with the producer, which means you can find out exactly which farm your mail delivery steaks came from. 

In the twenty-first century, consumer consciousness around meat has changed considerably. Between the rise of grass fed beef farms and free range chicken operations, meats that have been raised in conscientious and more environmentally friendly ways are rapidly achieving widespread popularity. 

If you want to see how much healthier fresh local meat really is, why not start your own local delivery meat box order today, and discover for yourself why local meat is superior.  

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