The Importance of Commercial Freezers During COVID-19

Jun 01, 2020 10:05 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter

The Importance of Commercial Freezers During COVID-19

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As the virus spread globally, its impact on the restaurant and food industry has only grown. As some restaurants start to open their doors slowly, their employees will need to adhere to strict social distancing policies. For instance, some can only do take out, while those who have dining halls will need to space out their patrons by at least a table's length.

However, some restaurants are trying to fight back against the virus while also keeping their companies afloat. For example, some are providing their customers with "do it yourself meals," while others are providing groceries.

Curbside pickup service is yet another option that some establishments are exploring. Here, however, we will focus on the importance of commercial freezers and how they are important during COVID-19.

The Capacity and Size of Commercial Freezers

If you purchase a solid commercial freezer, you will be able to maximize shelf space by storing most, if not all, of your food and beverage items in a single large unit. In regards to COVID-19 and commercial freezers, the demand for frozen food is the highest it's ever been.

During these trying economic times, where food supply shortages are an ever-pressing issue, frozen food can serve as an affordable and convenient solution to help stem the tide. 

No evidence suggests that the virus can spread via food items. This means you can rest assured that your frozen food supply and your customers will be well protected by investing in a commercial freezer.

Proper Food Preservation

It should be noted that commercial freezers are designed to increase the preservation time of food and drinks. Thus, they will be of great use during a pandemic that is expected to continue for at least the remainder of the year. 

In addition to preserving food items during the outbreak, taking advantage of optimal storage conditions via a commercial freezer reduces the amount of food that is wasted over time.

Commercial freezers have different usability and functions, and, unlike normal freezers, are qualified to be used with food that you plan to distribute or sell. For instance, food that is preserved for a prolonged period in a regular freezer will become damaged. In contrast, a commercial freezer will store food for a long time while still preserving its flavour, moisture, and texture - for commercial flash freezers.

Maintain the Quality of Preserved Food

In order for businesses to grow, they will need to provide their customers or clients with safe and high-quality food and a safe and healthy working environment for their employees. Fortunately, a commercial freezer can store food items for a long time while maintaining its quality while businesses are temporarily closed. This includes flavour, moisture, and texture as well.

You can also opt for a more powerful model, such as a flash freezer product. For instance, a flash freezer will be able to reduce the stress placed on many different ingredients that are used in cooking, preparing, or preserving food.

By freezing food at a very rapid speed, the number of irregularities is reduced drastically, and the risk of dehydration is also lowered significantly. The original freshness of the item in question is still preserved.

Some companies offer units with fully customizable features, which can easily be modified or configured to adapt to the freezing of a myriad of different ingredients. Most flash freezers can reduce the degradation of cells, ensuring safe and high-quality food in a convenient and easy manner.

Tips for Freezer Storage

In order to maintain the quality of frozen foods, you should try to keep the freezer at zero degrees or lower if possible. You can optimize your refrigeration by leaving sufficient space between the food and drink items in your commercial refrigerator. 

We would also suggest that you store your meat items on the lowest shelf, as doing so will reduce the risk of cross-contamination. As well, it will make it easier to clean the area, should you accidentally spill something.

Delicate produce should also be kept away from the unit's fans, as the strong air current or flow that they generate to encourage circulation can damage certain food items. These include fresh greens, berries, and other delicate items that may experience freezer burn when placed near the unit's fans.

The Many Benefits of Commercial Freezers

Commercial freezers tend to be quite robust. State-of-the-art refrigeration units are designed for long-term, heavy-duty use. Whereas on the other hand, residential models are intended for storing a small number of items for a brief time. 

In addition to the far larger commercial freezers capacity when compared to residential freezers, they are also more energy-efficient. This is a must for start-ups that need to cut costs wherever they can, to thrive or simply keep their business afloat.

Many also come equipped with an integrated automatic defrost system for added simplicity and convenience. Some models serve as display units, such as display fridges and chilled cabinets, which include a see-through display and counter. This allows customers to see what's inside them without having to open them.

Commercial freezers have many important uses in the commercial world, including keeping food fresh and storing food and drinks for a long time; while also coming in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of their diverse clientele.

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