Yerkin Tatishev and Daniel Kunin of Kusto Group Address Global Food Security During Covid-19 Pandemic

Jun 03, 2020 11:46 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter

Tatishev Kunin Kusto Group

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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused economic tremors and led to rising fears over food security, or the potential for disruption of food security and supply chains, across the globe. Thanks to its leadership under Yerkin Tatishev, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and its commitment to innovation and technology, Kusto Group and Kazakhstan are poised to continue to rise as leaders in food production amid the growing market uncertainties.

According to Daniel Kunin, a Managing Director at Kusto Group, Kazakhstan's agricultural transformation can be a model for food industries around the world. It ensures the future of Kazakhstan in the global economy and illustrates to food producers across the world how these applications of science and technology can keep global food chains from being disrupted and resilient to external threats.

Kusto Group on the threat to global food security

It has become obvious during this pandemic how critical it is to keep a safe and vibrant agricultural economy. Our food supply workers can't "work from home". Our farmers must adhere to planting schedules that are not controlled by the virus. Safety in food processing plants is critical for the health of our food production workers.

Kazakhstan is perfectly poised to address this threat to our food supply. Its vast expanses of grassland are ideal for wheat and other grain production. It is already the world's sixth-largest exporter of wheat. KazBeef, Kusto Group's high-quality beef production company, is growing rapidly and is ready to meet the protein needs of a hungry Asian market. The investments in technology and innovation initiated by Tatishev and his leadership team have made this possible.

Kusto Group is at the forefront of precision agriculture, by implementing the use of data and digital technology, and new irrigation methods that will accelerate the use of these innovations across the globe.

Partnerships and collaboration with world-leading food giants like American Tyson Foods and Valmont Industries have helped accelerate the company's growth. Kusto Group's vision and strategy are to capitalize on international expertise and investments in technology will continue to expand Kazakhstan's export capacity. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that these efforts and investments are more important than ever. Kazakhstan and Kusto Group can play a valuable in guaranteeing food security in global markets.

Kusto Group's Kazbeef celebrates tenth anniversary

KazBeef, Kusto Group's marbled beef producer, has recently marked the 10th anniversary of its founding. Although the anniversary celebration has been postponed due to the pandemic, the company has continued to maintain its level of business production, putting extra efforts into keeping workers safe and supply chains functioning in order to feed its customers.

KazBeef was launched in 2010, a joint venture with Global Beef, a leader in the agricultural production of protein in the United States. It is now a vertically integrated manufacturer of premium beef products. Looking to the future with the goal of supplying international markets, KazBeef has invested in a new feedlot for 10,000 head of cattle and renovated a processing facility.

Yerkin Tatishev has recently praised the growth of KazBeef saying, "KazBeef has made great strides over the past decade in developing what is a key strategic industry for the country as a whole, providing jobs and opportunities for people in rural areas."

"Kazakhstan's vast pastures and long tradition of animal husbandry means it has all the ingredients to become a leader in global meat production." The continued investments and growth of partnerships in this industry means that KazBeef will be a driving force for feeding the world and protecting food security in a time when it is a growing global concern.

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Kusto Group's commitment to community

Tatishev is not only focused on creating lasting innovations that will ensure food security, but he and his company are committed to community building and taking care of those in need in Kazakhstan and other countries where Kusto Group has companies.

Recently, Kusto Group gave 1 billion Tenge ($2.4 million) to the #KustoHelp charity project. This project will support those most vulnerable during this pandemic. In Kazakhstan, assistance will be provided in multiple ways.

First, there will be support for large families, the poor, and those particularly impacted through the delivery of food packages. Other assistance will be given in cooperation with volunteer organizations and regional governments. Second, medical workers will be provided with the necessary tools to fight the infection and to safeguard their working conditions. Finally, cooperation will be given to various charitable foundations to help those in need.

Kusto Group and Yerkin Tatishev are committed to ensuring global food security and supporting the local and regional communities that are the foundation of their industries. They understand that without action, stopping the spread of the virus would be difficult, if not impossible, and the damage to the country and its people would be immense. The efforts of the society as a whole alongside government entities and charitable organizations will help support and keep us secure. Kusto Group's assistance will provide additional support so that Kazakhstan will overcome this crisis and become stronger than ever.

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