5-Minute Lunch Ideas

Jul 06, 2020 08:00 AM EDT | By Staff Reporter (staff@foodworldnews.com)

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It can be a little stressful to think of what to cook for lunch, especially the process of cooking. Whether you are a lazy person, a stay at home mom with little kids, or a busy person who wants everything to be quick and easy, these lunch recipes that we are about to show you is perfect for you. These recipes take no longer than 5 minutes to prepare, and it is fast and hassle-free!

Veggie Bowl

It's easy to make a veggie bowl, and it's healthy too! Chop some vegetables and make a combination that you feel like eating for lunch. Grab a bowl, add the vegetables altogether, and maybe add a spoon of salad dressing or drizzle your favorite oil and spices, and you're good to go!

Watermelon and Radish Salad

Whether you are vegan or trying to be healthier, a good salad would be a suitable lunch for you. Watermelon and radish go well together not only in flavor and nutrients but also in color. With the redness from the watermelon and the green hues of its exterior, this salad will indeed be delicious. This salad has a combination of an earthy flavor and will taste much better with balsamic vinaigrette.

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Grilled Cheese

Everyone loves a perfect grilled cheese, even your kids! If you are stuck at home with your little ones and want to get them a quick and easy lunch, grilled cheese is the way to go. All you need is a loaf of bread of your choice and some cheese slices. Pop it in your pan or oven toaster, and you now have lunch!

Grilled Fluffernutter

If you want to go for something sweet, instead of grilled cheese, you can still make grilled fluffernutters instead! Fluffernutter is a combination of peanut butter and marshmallows that are squeezed in a sandwich. You may also add whip cream on top of it if you want. 

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Egg and Avocado Toast

Avocado is very high in nutrients that your body needs. Most people include avocados in their salads and sandwiches. For this recipe, all you need is bread, mashed avocados, eggs, and small slices of onions. Toast it on your pan or oven toaster, and you now have a healthy lunch toast. 

Chickpea and Spinach Salad

Looking for a lunch meal where it has the taste, nutritional value, and can be prepared conveniently? Chickpea and spinach salad is the answer! All you need is some vegetable greens, slices of squash, chickpea, and spinach for this meal. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. 

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Panini Sandwiches

You can never go wrong with panini sandwiches. It is easy to prepare and will leave you feeling full for the rest of the afternoon. You may pair your panini with your favorite sandwich spread or dressing, and some slices of chicken. Heat it in your oven toaster or microwave, and lunch is served. 

Pizza flatbread

If you happen to have some leftover dough or pastry dough in your refrigerator, you can use that to make pizza flatbread for lunch. You can add whatever topping you wish to add on the bread and pop it in the oven for a good 5 minutes. 

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