5 Delicious Ways to Cook Beans and Make Them Super Appetizing

Jul 13, 2020 06:10 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter (staff@foodworldnews.com)

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Beans are the most economical, affordable, and healthiest foods in the chart. Mostly, beans are used for side dishes. You often see it beside your freshly cooked steak, or maybe in your soup appetizers. However, some people neglect them and only consider beans are food decorations. 

We often take beans for granted and not realize that they are naturally healthy. They make a tasty filling in some dishes, and it adds a hearty flavor. It's also one of the cheapest types of food that you can get, especially for dried beans. Lastly, beans are easy to store and cook anytime you want, making it very convenient and versatile to cook. 

If you're not sure of how to cook beans, then today's your lucky day. In this article, we will show you ways on how to cook beans and how to make it more appealing. 

Chili Beans

Whether or not you like spicy foods, you will surely love this first bean dish. Chilis are one of the greatest gifts that the food industry has given us. It mainly consists of beans, and it offers a warm and hearty filling that is perfect for eating any day.

Chili beans consist of parsnips or carrots and three different types of beans. You may choose your variety of beans for this dish, such as black beans, dark red kidney beans, or chickpeas. You can also use garbanzos if you like, but chickpeas are firmer but come in a soft texture. 

Bean Soup

Beans go very well in soups and stews, and it is one of the most underrated types of dishes in the world. Soups can bring warmth and a feeling of coziness. A good soup should contain beans, greens, and a little bit of pasta.

When beans are boiled or simmered, their flavor comes out, and they become soft, which will make the soup thick. Bean soup is perfect for eating on any day.

Bean Sides

Typically, we eat beans with main dishes, such as meats, steaks, and rice. Beans are not only suitable for plating, but they can be eaten together with your mains. Side dishes also completes a meal, and it can also change the presentation and nutritional value of the entree.

Jamaican dishes often use rice and beans in one recipe and is cooked in coconut milk and spices. Any beans can be used as a side dish. 

Red Beans
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Beans in Burgers

Beans can also be added to your burgers and sandwiches. Vegan burgers are often made of mashed beans and other spices to make it flavorful. Again, you can be creative and use whatever beans you like to make your vegan burgers and sandwiches. 

Bean-based Tacos

Some Mexican dishes often include beans in their recipes. Adding beans as your side dishes can be tempting, but using them as your main entree, it's a whole new different level of deliciousness. If you are vegan, you can always replace beef in your tacos with ground beans. You can make your bean filling for your tacos and season it how you like it. Add some hot sauce to it after, and you have a healthy taco!

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