The Best Meal Plans According to Science

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When food is life, it is easy to be put off the course. How can you say no to your comfort food -- the pint of ice cream inside your fridge waiting to be eaten as you binge-watch your favorite tv series? It may seem impossible to restrict yourself from getting a bite off that Big Mac with fries on the side. It may require a lot of self-control and a well-planned mindset, but consider the health benefits you will get from hitting and sticking to that diet. 

So long as your diet is balanced and well-planned, you can do away with your comfort foods. Let's be real here -- your comfort food isn't really the healthiest one out there. Try switching to diets backed by scientific research for a healthier lifestyle. With a well-planned out diet and strong will to stick to it, you're on track to being healthy. 

Here are some diet plans supported by science that can help you so long as you stick with it in the long run.

Mediterranean diet

Fresh and light, the Mediterranean diet is the optimal choice if you want to battle the risks of heart diseases and stroke. A Mediterranean diet that focuses on fruits, fish, seafood, nuts, vegetables, and whole grains can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease, and other conditions. Balance out your diet with occasional and moderate amounts of dairy products and poultry.  

Vegan diet

A vegan diet can keep you in shape and perfect health. Its increasing popularity had led many people to switch to the green lifestyle. Scientific research shows that a vegan diet's health benefits include better blood sugar control and cardiovascular system since it mainly consists of plant-based-only meals. 

But before switching to the vegan diet, you may want to take note that you will need to take iron and B12 supplements. Look for other sources of protein as well as you'll be cutting off animal products if you switch to a vegan diet. 

Gluten-free diet

Among the health benefits of switching to a gluten-free diet is that your body will improve its energy levels and bone health. It can also reduce joint pains and headaches. This kind of eating is perfect for people who are intolerant to food containing gluten like wheat, barley, and rye. 

But make sure to refrain from junk foods that claim to be gluten-free. Despite not having gluten in their composition, it is still junk foods and thus unhealthy. Focus your diet on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and other gluten-free dairy products. 

Low carb and whole food diet 

If you're looking for a diet to trim down your body fats, a low carb, whole food diet is the best diet choice for you. Aside from the perfect choice for those trying to lose weight, this diet plan can also optimize your overall health and lower the risk of conditions and diseases. 

Compared to other strict diet plans such as the vegan diet, the low carb, whole food diet is flexible as you can tweak it depending on your health goal. However, make sure to cut off sugar, refined grains, and highly processed food. 

Paleo diet

Thanks to our paleolithic ancestors who had to hunt and gather food, the paleo diet has proven to be a perfect diet plan for your health. This effective diet plan consists of nuts, meat, egg, fish, to name a few. Avoid sugar, processed foods, and grains. You may also want to couple this diet plan with exercise, which led to the hunters' healthier lifestyles during the paleolithic times.

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