7 Appropriate Foods to Serve for a Successful House Showing

Aug 12, 2020 10:27 AM EDT | By Eric Hamilton

7 Appropriate Foods to Serve for a Successful House Showing

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A house showing is a huge marketing tool when trying to sell a house. Buyers can experience space and decide whether the home meets their needs or not. Trying to improve your curb appeal is an essential aspect to ensure you sell. On the other hand, other minor items such as the food you serve that score you major points. From the food you serve, the buyer should tell that you are not a cheapskate, and you care for their comfort. So, here are some foods that should make the top of your recipe foods


Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can never miss the spot with some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. They are intoxicating and hard to resist. Just by their smell, they spell out home. Chocolate chip cookies also carry a lot of childhood memories. Thus, they make your home feel so homey, and the buyers can picture themselves in that space. When serving chocolate chip cookies, it is advisable to bake them yourself, instead of buying readymade ones at the store. Homemade cookies provide much sought after scent. They also give the buyer the impression that you care for them. At the same time, be careful not to burn them, as the smell is repulsive and may affect the buyer's attitude.


Lemonade works magic, especially during a hot summer. There is nothing as promising as the feel of an ice-cold lemonade when the sun is scorching. When you greet the guests at the door with a pitcher of sparkling lemonade, it's an instant plus. Remember to use paper cups to avoid a messy house. You could also provide labeled trash areas, where they can quickly dispose of the containers.

Antipasto Sausage Skewers

There is nothing as stressful as a messy bite, especially when you try to concentrate on viewing the house. Therefore, these handheld snacks offer significant convenience. Lay them on a tray, and the guests can pick them at their own pace. You may also place a bowl where they can put the used skewers and some napkins to wipe any mess. This snack takes about 10 minutes to prepare, which makes it favorable for showings. All you need is basil leaves, Italian sausage, and marinated peppers and artichokes, layer them up, and have a bite-sized snack.

Fruit Infused Water

Every buyer expects to find some water at a house show. Water is favorable to all types of home buyers: the cross-fit enthusiast counting calories, the fast-food lover, and the picky eater, all drink water. At least serve some bottled water on ice. This requires minimal effort as all you need is bottled water from the store and some ice. However, be careful with buyers who are eco-friendly enthusiasts as plastic bottles may put you at a disadvantage. If you want to throw in some flavor, you could throw in some fruit infused water. This makes sure you achieve some sweetness, without offending the non-soda drinking crowd. You could also serve the water from a dispenser with paper cups. This prevents the plastic bottle mess and appeals to green enthusiasts.


Just because you cannot serve alcohol, doesn't mean you cannot experiment with fun mocktails. The list of ingredients for mocktails is endless. Here you have numerous choices, which are also quite affordable. Recipes are also readily available and easy to follow. Additionally, you do not have to hand around the serving table to keep off the kids. Just be sure to inform the adults that you are serving a mocktail to avoid disappointments.

Hot Chocolate

Nothing beats hot chocolate in chilly winter weather. It's a perfect way to warm them and welcome those to your house. The instantly feel comfortable, which translates to a positive view of your home. Additionally, they may also take some more time in your house since no one wants to go back to the cold outside.

Take - away Snacks

Understandably, not everyone has the skill or time to fix something up from scratch. There are numerous options available for you. Countless food outlets offer readymade food. Remember, the food has to be bite-sized. It's preferable if you have had it before to gauge how messy and if it requires silverware. Snacks like a meatball, samosas, and other mini treats are a good example. Such meals could also pass off easily as homemade. Present them in the right way, and your guests will be happy. You could also choose to serve candy. This is a good fit for guests who do not want to eat. They can pick the candy and feed on their way. Pick a fun and unique candy that will remind the buyers of your home.

There are numerous ways of ensuring your home has a competitive advantage once you list it on Movoto.com. At the same time, food is a minor issue, a form of warming people up and starting conversations. Know what food to serve and at what time. The higher the property values, the higher the expectations with the snacks. Make sure your food fits the context and is easy to eat. 

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