Healthy Habits to Observe When Drinking

Aug 27, 2020 12:46 PM EDT | By Francis Hernandez

Healthy Habits to Observe When Drinking

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Drinking is fun as one gets to let loose and unwind. When drinking with friends, the company is therapeutic and helps you relax. However, there are healthy habits that you should observe as you drink to avoid incidents such as accidents, injury, or even embarrassment. To make your drinking healthier, here are some things you should always observe;

Eat before you drink

Alcohol passes through the stomach, then the small intestines before being absorbed in the bloodstream. The stomach is very inefficient in consuming alcohol. Small intestines have finger-like projections called villi, which increase the surface area. This improves the ability of the small intestines to absorb alcohol. There is an organ between the stomach and the small intestines called the pyloric valve, which closes once you eat a good-sized meal. It retains the food in the stomach for digestion. Depending on the meal composition, the food takes varying periods to digest. For example, high-fat content food takes hours to digest, while carbohydrates are absorbed quickly. When you choose foods that hold the stomach for long, the rate of alcohol absorption slows down. Thus, you are not promptly intoxicated.


Drinking water is very useful in helping you space your drinks. This lowers the alcohol content in your bloodstream drastically. Alcohol is a diuretic. Thus, when consumed, it increases urine production, which can cause dehydration or thirst. When you don't take water, you will probably experience a hangover. Thus, always start drinking sprees with a bottle of water, which sets the pace for hydration. Incorporate water in between to limit alcohol intake. So, when you order that bottle of Jack Daniels, get some sparkling water as well.

Understand your Alcohol Levels

According to most standards, a drink has 10 grams of alcohol. The human body processes this in an hour. However, the recommended alcohol amount varies depending on a person's age, gender, health condition, weight, and other factors. Thus, you should take your time and understand how much alcohol you can handle. Find low alcohol drinks. This way, you can consume several beverages and still retain a low blood alcohol concentration. Also, to manage your alcohol levels, avoid trying new and unfamiliar. When you come across such types of drinks, chances are, you do not know their alcohol content. This sets you up for problems such as alcohol poisoning. This does not mean you should not explore your drinks pallet. However, tread carefully.

Plan your way back Home

 Drunk driving is never a good idea. Having alcohol in your system may impair your judgment, which could lead to an accident. Do not try gauging whether your alcohol levels allow you to drive. Instead, arrange for transportation before drinking. You could choose a friend who will be the designated driver. The driver avoids alcohol and ensures you all get home safely. Alternatively, you could use a taxi or public transportation. In cases where you feel insecure, you could share your taxi using services like Uber Pool. If you are drinking at a pal's house, you could spend the night if you are too intoxicated. Do not down those bottles of Dom Perignon and get behind the wheel.

Control when you drink

Developing a drinking schedule ensures you are sober for activities that require full sobriety. It is impractical to blow your exams or that job over a night of drinking. When you plan, you can arrange to drink with friends, which is more fun and safe.

While drinking, you need to exercise a lot of responsibility. It may be very tempting to take those shots or any other unhealthy habits. All you need to ask is, is it worth your health and safety?

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